Sipping Pretty: 8 Drinks That Make a Difference


By: Rebecca Norris

We’ve all walked through Sephora and Ulta looking for the next best thing in beauty, but what if what we really need isn’t something found on your typical cosmetics aisle? Sounds crazy to think that such a beauty product could exist, but believe it or not, the saying that beauty is more than skin deep is totally true. In fact, it all starts from within, which brings us to today’s topic: beverages with beauty benefits. Now, we’ve all seen the advertisements on Instagram promoting a new skinny tea every other week and rolled our eyes the other way—those aren’t the types of drinks we’re talking about. Instead, it’s the beverages that so often fall under the radar despite having serious benefits when you swap them out for a plain glass of water or your normal cup of coffee. Don’t believe us? For curiosity’s sake, take a scroll through the seven products below and see if it doesn’t change your mind. (Here’s a hint: It will.)



$150 for the 30 day trial,

Leading the way in the collagen drink market, Skinade is easy to add to your everyday routine. Coming in super compact and easy to grab on-the-go bottles, this drink was made for the working woman. And packed with 7000mg of collagen we promise, your skin will be thanking you when you're done with their month trial.

Moon Juice Dusts

 $30 each,

If you’re a frequent shopper at Urban Outfitters, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen these pretty glass jars peeking their way through all the other beauty products. Their mantra is “Edible Wellbeing” and with a variety of six different dusts made of custom blends of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to nourish body, beauty, and consciousness from the inside out. Whether you’re looking to enhance your beauty, mind, spirit, power, ability to sleep or your sex drive—there’s a dust for that.

MIYU Di-Stress Mi Beauty Tea


Ugh, stress—the worst! In this day and age of being busy boss babes, it’s virtually impossible to avoid. Instead of getting caught up in it, reach for a cup of this fresh and earthy premium loose-leaf tea. Created with a blend of peppermint, liquorice and chamomile blossoms, one cup and you’ll feel less irritable with a refreshed mind and soothed spirit.

*Due to the liquorice, this isn’t recommended for people suffering from hypertension or women who are pregnant / nursing.*

The Beauty Chef Skin Saviour


This duo contains the popular GLOW Advanced Inner Beauty Powder and the COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost. Where the powder is a daily supplement for anyone wanting to improve skin tone and texture for a radiance that lasts, the Beauty Boost is a delicious organic, bio-fermented probiotic elixir designed to increase the skin’s production of collagen and promote a plumped, younger-looking complexion.

Dirty Lemon

 $65 per case,

Whether you need a detox, a boost of energy, a sleep aide or assistance with your skin and hair, there’s a Dirty Lemon beverage for that. You’ve seen them in the bags of your favorite celebrities, among the flat lays of your favorite lifestyle bloggers and trending through Instagram for all the right reasons. Trust us, you’ll want to try these out!

Kusmi Tea BB Detox


Here’s a not-so-secret secret: The Kusmi Tea range might just be the best tea you’ve ever tasted. This one in particular is a blend of green tea, maté, rooibos, guarana, and dandelion, flavored with a hint of grapefruit for a gentle detox. Serve over ice, sip and enjoy.

Raw Generation 3-Day Reset


If you’ve not been eating wonderfully and you’re wondering why you’ve been breaking out you might have just found your answer. So often people forget that what they eat has an affect on their skin, that they often overlook the number one reason that could be causing a breakout. To give your diet a fresh start, reach for this 3-Day Reset with juices that touch on everything from Beauty & Brilliance to Energy & Endurance.

True Citrus.png

True Citrus

 $3.99 per box,

If you’re an avid beauty reader, by now you know that drinking eight cups of water a day is absolutely essential for a dewy complexion. Only problem is some people don’t love the taste of water. If that sounds familiar, reach for any of these True Citrus products. These little packets capture authentic fresh-squeezed taste, by crystallizing the fruits’ juices and oils to lock in their peak flavor. What this really means is you can get all the beauty benefits of water while feeling like you’re sipping on a strawberry lemonade. And just in time for summer! 


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