How To Recreate Rockette Makeup

How to do rockette makeup

By: Samantha Weiser

If you're going to do anything Christmas related while either living or visiting Manhattan, you must go sight-seeing to all the beautiful shop window displays, skate at Rockefeller Center, and enjoy the one-of-a-kind Rockette performance. These beauties do it all, and by do it all, I mean they perfect their own hair and makeup backstage before each performance. The Rockette look is classic, yet simple. To recreate, you'll need a few of your own, everyday makeup essentials. 

LH Cosmetics 'Infinity Palette'


Start with a clean, even base of foundation. Add concealer if necessary. To achieve that sculpted look, lightly apply a contour shade to the hollows of the cheeks - be sure to use this sparingly because this makeup is all about adding light and radiance to the face rather than shadows. Add a touch of color and glow to the cheeks with blush and highlighter. And don't forget the setting spray!

Infinity Palette- Vegan, $45; Urban Decay Naked Basics 2.jpeg


While lashes and liner are the stars of the show, don't skip eyeshadow. To keep it simple, you can choose to use the same highlight and contour shades, otherwise use neutrals that compliment your complexion. Use darker colors in the crease and outer 'V' of your eyes. To brighten, use a lighter shade or highlighter in the inner corner and on the mobile eyelid. 

Naked2 Basics, $29;

If eyeliner isn't your strong suit, try using a gel liner or black eyeshadow with a precise, angled brush. Using a drier product - as compared to liquid liner - and a brush helps create stability and definitive shape. 

Fixline Liquid Eyeliner Gel, $17;

rockette makeup


Who are the Rockettes without their classic and memorable red lipstick? Be sure to use a lip liner when wearing a bold shade as this prevents the color from bleeding. Fill in the lip shape you created with the lip liner before you begin to add your lipstick. Filling in the lips will help add longevity to your look.

M.A.C. red lipstick, $18;


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