WTF Are Beauty Rollers And Should You Be Using Them?

By: Sarah Harley

We’re sure you’ve seen these floating around on some of your fave influencers social feeds lately. So let us introduce you: say hello to facial rollers. The latest trend to hit the beauty scene that is causing a mini revolution in the natural beauty market. But, what are they? And, more importantly, what the hell do they do? 

Facial rollers have been used for centuries and date all the way back to the Qing Dynasty. Yes, that’s right, your great-great-great grandmom was probably rolling out her face like cookie dough years ago. Generally, each tool was made from a different stone, which was thought to have special healing powers, but today, jade is the most popular.

While the benefits of a facial roller are practically endless, to give you an idea of the skin concerns they treat, here’s just a few:

  • improve blood circulation

  • improve elasticity of the skin

  • reduce puffiness and wrinkles

  • reduce dark under eye circles

  • eliminate toxins

  • boost collagen

  • reduce pore size

  • promote lymphatic drainage

Their specific design has two ends: one for larger areas and a smaller roller for around your eyes. Since the product is made from a stone, it’s generally cool to the touch, but for an extra boost to your face in the morning, we suggest sticking it in the fridge! 

If your skin is notorious for being puffy, red and rather “blah” in the A.M., this product may be a keeper! Just make sure to apply either a serum or any other moisturizing product to your skin before you add jade and it needs the lube. 

After you’re finishing lathering up your skin, we promise you’ll be glowing for DAYS! 


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