Why You Should Start That Side Hustle

Photo Credit:   agirlinprogress.com

Photo Credit: agirlinprogress.com

By: Amy Vosejpka

Let’s face it, job security has almost become a thing of the past. The “traditional” job landscape has begun to shift and more people are leaning towards freelance and entrepreneurial ventures as a way to make money outside the traditional 9-to-5 paycheck.

Though this may sound scary, it holds somewhat good news for all you entrepreneurs out there. That is why we declare that now is the time to start your side hustle. Don't believe us? 1 in 4 millennials are working a full time job alongside their own side gig. And trust us when we say the numbers are not dropping. If anything, it seems as though the last few years has brought about a new wave of people - yep, you, me and the girl sitting next to you - working (partly) for themselves. So, why join in?

It creates an outlet

Admit it, your full time job might not be the most creative outlet that satisfies all your desires or pushes your skills and talents in the way you might like. So why not pursue something that allows you to express all your creativity in the way you do like? That’s why side hustles have become more appealing - they allow you to have have creative control over small projects that ultimately help you earn extra cash! 

You'll have multiple sources of income

It’s as simple as that! Working on a side hustle means an opportunity to make money off your own creativity and ideas. Plus, the money you make outside your regular paycheck can be invested back into your business and ultimately help it to grow further (and maybe eventually leave your J-O-B).

There's little risk

Working on your side hustle allows you the time to work towards your personal goals in a risk-free way. Rather than jumping into to your own business ventures full time and losing your benefits and steady income, starting your own projects allows you to work slowly towards building your ideas at your own pace. So not only are you growing your revenue streams, but also building your brand at a rate with a much lower risk of failing.

Your own personal freedom

Two words: no boss. #RealTalk, your boss’s decisions aren’t always going to be in your best interest. So why not start something you have full control over? This is officially the time to be your own (girl)boss, and there’s no better place to start than with your very own side hustle.


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