10 Emotions You Feel When You're Looking For a Job After College

Fox Pictures via  Cosmopolitan.com

Fox Pictures via Cosmopolitan.com

By Emilie Moy

It's official--I've done what seemed like the impossible and graduated college! All those years of hard work and tears in the library cubicles have paid off, and now I'm ready to face the world as a grown-ass woman (with a college degree!) While everyone told me to “really savor those last few months,” I knew that as soon as this joy ride was over I would have to land a job, pay rent, and do other real people things. Unlike industries such as finance that hire candidates up to a year in advance, jobs in publishing, marketing, and fashion begin interviewing around the time we receive our diplomas. As exciting as it is to be on my own, searching for a job, post graduation can be a roller coaster of emotions. From the initial shock following the first few days after graduation, to a month later when I decided that living with my parents is no longer worth the free food, these are 10 emotions that every recent graduate feels when looking for a job after college.


1. Immediately after graduation:

"Im am still SO young!! I can do anythinggg..."

2. A few days into the real world:

"Wait so, what do I do now? Is this was being a real person feels like???"

3. A week in:

"I thought college was suppose to prepare me for the real world. Were they lying? They were totally lying."

4. A month in when you decide it's time to take control and get your life together:

Apply apply apply. Everywhere. Assistant? Yes. Production and design? Sure. Financial analyst? I once took an econ class freshman year..

5. Two days later when you start feeling a bit desperate:

Teaching yourself skills you never learned in college to meet job application requirements. You can become an expert in Excel, InDesign, and html coding in three days right?

6. Then what feels like the impossible happens:

When one employer FINALLY responds to an email and it's the best day ever.

7. When you are on the brink of a meltdown:

"Moving back home after college and learning how to live with your parents again is so much fun!" -No one ever.

8. When you want to be independent but your finances don't agree with you:

You don't want to live at your parent's house forever, but the idea of moving into your own apartment is a joke because you can't even afford to buy lunch with all of the money you're not making.

9. When you think you've hit rock bottom:

"What if I never get a job?? What if I stay unemployed forever???"

10. But then you remind yourself...

All you can do is fake it until you make it, and somehow, it will all work out.

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