You Asked, I Answered: Fashion Week Q&A

Photo Credit: @thefestiveanthropologist

Photo Credit: @thefestiveanthropologist

Ever wonder what goes on behind-the-scenes or leading up to Fashion Week? Well, to shed some light on such an exciting time in the fashion industry, I decided to do my very first Q&A. You asked, and here are the answers! From my favorite show at Fashion Week to which street style stars I most look forward to seeing, enjoy!

Q: What did you wear to your first fashion show ever?

A: My first fashion show was when I was twenty years old and a junior in college. I had just completed a summer internship with Anna Sui and was lucky enough to be invited back to her show that September at Lincoln Center. I wore a beautiful peach colored Anna Sui jumpsuit I had received while interning and paired it with nude wedges.

Q: How do you decide what to wear to Fashion Week?

A: I’m not going to lie; deciding what to wear to Fashion Week can be difficult. I try to start planning out my outfits about a week in advance and laying out everything I’d like to wear. Seeing everything out whether on a clothing rack or tossed on my bed, makes it a lot easier to start visualizing looks. I then try to take into consideration what shows I’m attending each day because that can affect what I might wear as well.

Q: How do you get to attend a show if you’re not originally invited? Do you reach out to the designer and ask for a press pass?

A: Sending out ticket requests is a normal process leading up to Fashion Week. Originally, I receive invites to a bunch of shows and then anything I’m not initially invited to I put out a ticket request for. When putting out a ticket request, I don’t email the designers, rather I email the designers publicists who are usually the ones handling the show invites.

Photo Credit: @thefestiveanthropologist

Photo Credit: @thefestiveanthropologist

Q: What designer initially sparked your interest in fashion?

A: When I was about thirteen years old I discovered Betsey Johnson and instantly was hooked. I always knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry, but after discovering Betsey Johnson and her fun eclectic designs, I knew this was where I belonged. I then spent time on YouTube and Google reading and watching anything I could about Betsey. Aside from her designs, I also fell in love with her fun-loving personality and everything she stood for in this industry.

Q: What designer would you say was the most inspirational during Fashion Week?

This is a really tough question, but I absolutely loved Christian Siriano’s show this season. Not only was the collection stunning, consisting of princess-like pink gowns, and metallic coppers, but the show was at The Plaza Hotel in the Grand Ballroom and the setting was absolutely breathtaking, it was the perfect choice of venue for the collection.

A: Who is your favorite celebrity or blogger to see at Fashion Week?

I always love keeping an eye out for Olivia Palermo because I absolutely adore her style. She has incredible taste and I look forward to seeing what she shows up in each season. 

Q: What new trends did you notice during Fashion Week that you think will start showing up in the street?

A: As you probably can tell I’m a huge fan of color, so I always pay close attention to what colors designers are showing. A rich, what’s being called crimson red was seen everywhere from Proenza Schouler to Carolina Herrera so I think that’s going to become a big trend come fall.  A cooler take on florals was also really popular, which I hope shows up on the streets. No one wants traditional florals anymore, so these darker, edgier florals are (hopefully) going to really take off. And one of my other favorites, that looks to be sticking around, are oversized glamourous furs that you can and should drape over your shoulders. 


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