The Best 5 Ways To Spend A Mental Health Day

Photo Credit: Coveteur

Photo Credit: Coveteur

By: Brianna Adkins

Everyone from freelancers, to college students, and even CEOs tend to struggle with the idea of taking some time to care for themselves. Why is it that taking a mental health day isn’t more common? Working in this (or any) industry can take a toll on one’s mental state, so taking time to breathe and focus on one’s self is not only important, but it’s necessary.

Mental health days are all about taking the time to care for one’s personal mental, physical, and emotional health. While the term, “self-care,” has been tossed around with immense support as of late, it seems as though many people are still confused on what that term actually means. While treating one’s self to retail therapy or a nice treat from a trendy coffee shop, focusing on one’s overall health is the most important part of taking a mental health day.

While mental health issues aren’t the most comfortable conversational topics for some, more individuals are speaking out about their coping strategies, so here’s a compiled list of some things that one can do in order to recharge on a mental health day.

Meditation,Yoga, and Exercise

Silent meditation, yoga, and exercise all create a soothing environment for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether engaging in one or more activities, they all make a positive impact on mental health.

Therapy or Discussion With a Trusted Individual

Therapy is the perfect outlet for anyone and everyone. Having the opportunity to speak with a trusted individual with a medical license makes all of the difference. If speaking with a therapist is out of the question, then having a conversation with a trusted individual is also a perfect outlet.

Drink a Cup of Tea

Tea can calm nerves and produce a state of serenity. Drinking a cup in the morning, during lunch, or even before bedtime can create a sense of warmth and tranquility. Chamomile, lavender, and other herbal teas make for great revitalizing treats.

Rest and Relaxation

Sometimes all someone needs is a nap or a full night of rest. The suggested amount of sleep is eight hours, so attempting to go to bed on time is the perfect way to get fully rested.

Write Down a List of Accomplishments

These can be as simple as “got to work early one day this past week,” or “pulled myself out of bed,” because a victory is a victory no matter how large or small. Writing down small accomplishments is most helpful, because it helps one to realize all that they have accomplished throughout the week or month. When life gets busy, it’s nice to take time to fully comprehend all the things one has checked off of their to-do list!

Taking time to breathe, relax, and take care of one’s overall health—especially mental health—is crucial. When there’s a break in the day, take time to reflect and loosen up. Breathe in, breathe out, and remember: everyone has the right to take time to just be.


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