5 Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom into A Tropical Oasis

Photo Credit: HGTV

Photo Credit: HGTV

By: Will Hill

Summer is the perfect time to create your own getaway for relaxation, even though you may not be able to jet off to a beautiful island, you can still create your own paradise. At the end of the day, there is nothing we want more than to come home and relax. For those of us who aren’t heading off to chateaus in Cabo, we need to find a way to bring that atmosphere to our homes. Here are our tips that won’t break the bank when you're creating your own oasis at home.

Choose Calming Colors

Hit up your local hardware store, grab some paint swatches and get to work. Colors have a magical way of affecting your vibe; allow yourself to relax by replacing those dull walls with colors that will uplift your mood and bring about the calmest of vibes. Setting your space with colors to reflect the type of atmosphere you want makes it all the more personal. Curate your own private getaway with sandy neutrals, clean whites or oceanic blues.

Shop For New Sheets

Investing in a little extra comfort is never an issue, and sheets are an easy way to give you that "ah" moment. Spend a weekend inside for a chic staycation or work out of office in fresh and comfortable sheets. Unwind & dive into relaxing, lavender linens or all natural cotton and cool down from the summer city heat.

Invest In Greenery (Fake or Real)

Making little changes to beddings should inspire you to get more green. Take a weekend trip to the garden center or your local flower shop and buy yourself some beautiful plants ( real or fake). Changing the greenery in your room can transform your space into a botanical garden of pure bliss. Placing some Birds of Paradise around the windows will turn that skyline view into a tropical terrain.

Get Yourself Some Atmospheric Candles

For the complete transformation of your room into your summer oasis, choose some scents that’ll take you away. Candles are an inexpensive way to change the atmosphere of any room; get the calming vibe with scent stories of bamboo, coconut, citron, and mandarin. Arrange the candles around the room to circulate those aromatic scents and get lost in Nirvana.

Pick Up A Mind-Calming Pillow Mist

Those last few moments spent before falling asleep should be spent worry- free. Investing in a calming pillow mist will be the key that’ll rid your mind of those stressful thoughts from the day and prepare you to unwind for a night full of blissful dreams. A pillow mist is such a small investment that can be kept right at your nightstand, should you need an extra spritz before you head off into dreamland.

Don’t waste any time, call your friends, the order in and spend a weekend transforming your bedroom from a hibernation hideaway to a refreshing, relaxed chic summer oasis.


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