Why You Should Add Serum to Your Skin Care Routine ASAP

Photo Credit::   @_hollyt

Photo Credit:: @_hollyt

By: Rebecca Norris

You might think you have your skin care routine perfected to a tee, but without one specific type of product, you could be missing out on a whole lot of complexion-boosting benefits. Surely you have your vanity stocked with a cleanser, an exfoliator, a moisturizer, sunscreen and maybe even an eye cream if you’re being preventative—but aren’t you missing something?

So often serums get overlooked due to the assumption that if you have a moisturizer, a hydrating serum simply isn’t necessary. On the contrary, serums are highly concentrated formulas that not only deliver moisture, but other magical benefits as well, depending on the specific product you choose. Looking for a formula that specifically addresses dry skin? Or what about aging skin? Maybe you just need a boost for a dull visage in general? Girl, there’s a serum for that! Since we know you might be new to this whole serum thing, below we share three of our favorite formulas to get the ball rolling. Whether you use them on their own or layer them with other formulas, just remember to apply them while skin is still damp after being freshly cleansed—that’s when your skin’s moisture content is at its highest, making it most likely to absorb all the goodies in your power-packed serum of choice.

 PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

$115, pcaskin.com

Best For: Extra dry skin

The only way to tell you about this miracle in a bottle by PCA Skin is to remind you of the magic that is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, known for being the most powerful natural moisturizing ingredient known to science, is able to hold 1,000 times its weight in water. So? That means that when you apply this HA-packed serum onto your skin, you’re delivering your complexion with long-lasting hydration that plumps and firms skin unlike any other product on the market. While many HA serums provide moisture to the surface layer of skin, this serum is formulated to triple the power of traditional HA serums in order to deliver hydration not only on the surface, but deeper in the skin, as well as actually increasing the skin’s ability to produce its own HA—which is a process that naturally slows down with age. Long story short, you should’ve already clicked this into your cart—it’s really that good.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

$80, drunkelephant.com

Dull complexion have you feeling…well…dull? We’ve all been there. Whether you haven’t gotten enough sleep or you’re just not feeling like your fabulous self, your skin can use a little help to perk up. And that’s precisely what a potent Vitamin C serum, like this one by Drunk Elephant, is for. Loaded with antioxidants, essential nutrients, fruit enzymes and chronopeptide that provides the benefits of Vitamin D, this serum will leave you looking and feeling brighter than ever before…or at least brighter than when you felt dull AF. In all seriousness though, as soon as you rub this delicious product into your skin, you’ll feel refreshed and quickly notice how it truly has a glowing effect on your complexion.

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum

$100, joannavargas.com

JV, if you don’t know her products, you don’t know skin care. Plain and simple, Joanna Vargas is basically the queen of beautiful complexions—just look at some of her celebrity clients to see for yourself! We’re lucky enough to have been graced with this rejuvenating serum by the goddess herself, and as soon as you layer it onto your freshly washed face you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for your newest beauty discovery. The nourishing anti-aging formula replenishes skin to even out tone while delivering optimal hydration to quench your skin’s thirst all day long.

Not ready to splurge? While many serums are pretty pricey, one brand has made a name for itself for offering power-packed products at a fraction of the cost of traditional beauty brands. So, if you want to get the most bang for your buck and watch how your skin can benefit from it while experimenting with which serums to add into your skin care routine, head over to theordinary.com. (PS-The Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Hip Seed Oil are fan faves).

Happy hydrating, beauty babes!


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