How to Minimize Your Wardrobe For a College Dorm Room

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Photo Credit: Pintrest

By: Gina Ungarino

Freshman year of college offers many new challenges and adventures, the first being moving into a dorm room. How is it possible to fit a whole entire wardrobe into such a tiny space? There is no need to panic when it comes to deciding what items to bring and what to leave at home. Downsizing and moving into a small space is easier than it seems. By following these three steps, anybody can minimize their wardrobe for college in no time!

1. Stick to Staples

Finding those go-to pieces is key when it comes to wardrobe minimizing. The first step is picking out the most versatile items. For example; a good pair of denim, trusty leggings, basic tees, a leather jacket etc. These items usually follow a neutral color palette and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks!

2. Pick Statement Pieces

At the same time, it is important to bring those investment pieces that really stand out. Don't feel like these items need to be left behind! Bringing a few statement pieces along will add confidence and really show off individuality.

3. Get Creative with Organization

Organization is definitely one of the most important steps when it comes to dorm room living. Keeping drawers folded and organized is very important; messy drawers result in less space! For purses and accessories, storage cubes are just the thing you need

A lot of people also worry about shoes when coming to college! I mean, personally we own too many pairs to count. So storing all of them can be tough. Luckily, dorm room beds usually have adjustable heights, so fitting a shoe rack underneath is super easy!


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