7 Leather Jackets that will Actually Help you Live a Better Life

Leather Jackets

By: Becca Glasser-Baker

Leather jackets never go out of style, but they do get a bit boring from time to time. Luck for us, Alyson Eastman has made falling in love with leather jackets easier than ever with her gem inspired collection. Each jacket is inspired by a specific gemstone and what they represent. So if you need some positive energy or good vibes in your life, this collation is totally for you. Below, a break down of each jacket and what it's color symbolizes. Which one is speaking to you?

metallic leather jacket.jpg

Black Diamonds help give strength, clarity and truth. So, you’re looking for strength to get through the season, this is perfect for you. At the end of the day, it's a classic leather jacket that pairs perfectly with every look, and the hint of yellow gives it something extra.  

Black Diamond Leather Jacket, $895; Alysoneastman.com


Copper is a conductor and amplifier of energy, so if you are in need of some positive vibes and energy this is a great choice. 

Copper Leather Jacket, $1,195; Alysoneastman.com


Blue Kyanite deflects negative vibes. If you are struggling to keep negativity away, wear this beautiful blue hue and it’s sure to bring you good energy. It makes a statement and helps to protect you, what more could you need?    

Blue Kyanite Leather Jacket, $1,195; Alysoneastman.com


Rose Quartz helps enhance love. If you are looking for love or to attract some killer compliments, this blush jacket is exactly what you need in your life.  

Rose Quartz Leather Jacket, $1,195; Alysoneastman.com


Gold helps you increase personal power and personal success. Looking to get that promotion or land that first job? Let this piece help you out, because nothing says be bold like gold. 

Gold Leather Jacket, $1,195; Alysoneastman.com


Green Sapphire helps provide you with tranquility and wisdom. If you’re looking for a different take on a neutral, this is the right choice. May the wisdom and tranquility of this jacket help you out on an awkward night or keep you from texting your ex- because we all need that.  

Green Sapphire Leather Jacket, $1,195; Alysoneastman.com


Emerald symbolizes hope, renewal and personal growth. Nothing says "look at me," quite like the rich tone of emerald. It's definitely a bold statement, but a brave one at that for anyone trying to step out of their comfort zone.  

Emerald Leather Jacket, $1,195; Alysoneastman.com


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