5 Body Washes Guaranteed To Make Your Mornings Brighter 

By: Crista Lacqua

Unfortunately, mornings don't come naturally to all of us. Therefore, we wanted to generate a solution for those who struggle to get up and running with a smile. Our solution? Body washes that will completely revitalize your mind, spirit, and body before you head out the door. 

1. PLANT Get Happy Body Wash—Geranium & Peppermint

$18; target.com

With just one use, this wash will literally make you happy.  Both peppermint and geranium are known to boost your mood by lessening any tension, so your mind will be alert and ready for the day ahead. 

2. Jason Body Wash Revitalizing Citrus

$10; amazon.com

You can thank Jason Body for making your childhood summer dreams come true.  Multiple Amazon reviewers claimed this wash smelled like an orange Creamsicle, so we tested it out—and the claims are true! Plus, the citrus will refresh you no matter how exhausted you may be. 

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap—Citrus

$18; amazon.com


Who doesn’t love Dr. Bronner’s?  This soap will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and recharged thanks to its tangerine-like scent.  You can also use it for anything, whether that is as a body wash, shampoo, shaving cream…or toilet cleaner.  Yep, you read that correctly. 

4. Byredo Gypsy Water Body Wash

$50; net-a-porter.com

Want to start your week feeling chic and sophisticated?  This body wash will give you just that, replacing your Monday blues with a sense of fabulosity and productivity.  Not to mention, the magical mixture of bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla, and more will have you looking forward to waking up. 

5. Nubian Heritage Body Wash—Olive & Green Tea

$33; amazon.com

Your skin will seriously thank you for this.  Although lotion is a must, Nubian Heritage Body Wash will leave your skin soft prior to moisturizing.  And with the olive oil and green tea ingredients, your body will be looking younger and healthier than ever!  Bring on the day! 


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