We Found the Secret to Longer Fuller Lashes

Photo Credit: @intothegloss

Photo Credit: @intothegloss

By: Rebecca Norris

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately (and we know you have) then there’s a good chance that you’ve peeped a long-lashed beauty along your double-tap app adventure. Girl, we’re right there with you. There’s just something about full, voluminous lashes that leave us swooning. So often these lashes are reserved for babies, boys who don’t appreciate them or girls who seek the help of a professional. That’s right, with a single appointment you could be looking at longer, more luscious lashes. While an appointment might make magic happen, it all comes down to the way you care for your faux lashes that will keep them in tip-top shape. That’s where EndureLash Organic Eyelash Extension Drying Cloths come in.

If you’ve ever had lash extensions, then you’ve heard the whole song and dance about using a washcloth to pat your lashes dry and a spoolie to separate and re-fluff them after you shower. That might sound good and well in the comfort of your lash stylist’s office, but as soon as you try it yourself, get ready to watch your not-so-cheap lashes flutter to the ground. What gives? Nikki Huebner, a wife and mother from North Carolina, wondered the same thing, and thus EndureLash was born.

Created to provide a solution for lash extension fanatics, EndureLash Organic Eyelash Extension Drying Cloths allow you to swim, shower, bathe, play sports, and have the confidence to dry your extensions with less snags, no lint, and better overall maintenance between monthly visits to your eyelash studio. What’s more, these miracle cloths are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect addition to any gal’s makeup routine. At last, a solution to every girl’s lash dreams!

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