How To Wear Colorful Makeup

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By: Samantha Weiser

We've seen it countless times on models, in magazines, or just on "that girl over there," and each time we wonder to ourselves, could I ever pull off yellow eyeshadow? Girlfriend, of course, you can! Brightly colored shadows, blushes and lips aren't just for Instagram and editorials anymore.

Find all the techniques and tips you need for making colorful or bold makeup suitable for the everyday. NOTE: bold makeup should be the focal point of your appearance. Too many focal points and you'll leave your vanity looking like you've just returned from the circus.


Bright Eyeshadow - Top Lid

To begin with, you'll want a good eye primer. All colors look different when applied on top of a white, black or flesh-toned base, so play around and discover which you like best. Secondly, blend the crease of your eye with neutral tones that compliment your skin tone. The bright shadow should be applied in the center of the lid and blended outwards.

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Bold Eyeshadow - Bottom Lid

Start close to your waterline and blend down with a densely, bristled brush. Matte shadows are best under the eyes, as they don't highlight texture (yikes!) as a metallic shadow would.

Colored Mascara

Colored mascaras can be worn in a multitude of ways, ranging from subtle to eye-catching. Wear it just on the bottom lashes for a shy pop of color. Or something bolder like this layered unicorn-inspired look above. The makeup behind the lashes can determine how bright your mascara wears - neutral tones to compliment the skin and eye colors are best.



Cream blush is your best friend! Liquid or cream blushes are buildable, without looking cakey, and make your skin look dewy and naturally sun-kissed. Apply with a fluffy brush or fingers, and for more pigment, try using a lipstick from your collection on a fluffy brush. Be sure to softly brush the bridge of your nose for a believable kissed-by-the-sun appearance.

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If you prefer your makeup to be slightly more conservative, per say, or you are just not one who is into eyeshadow, lipstick is the beginners way to updo your makeup.  The key to lipstick is to play around with different finishes and formulas. You may never thought lavender or orange would look good on you, but you'd be surprised. This is the easiest way to step out of your comfort zone so take risks!  Beauty Tip: When sporting a bold lip, it's best to keep other makeup simple, minimal or nonexistent for an extra dramatic look (and also to not look like the clown from IT).


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