How to Achieve the Glossy Eye Look

How to Achieve the Glossy Eye Look

By: Samantha Weiser

You've probably seen it on runway shows, in magazine advertisements, maybe on your social feed, but is it possible to rock glossy eye makeup IRL? Numerous beauty trends have shown us that anything is possible, like a metallic blue lipstick and the return of the Space Buns. Glossy eye makeup has been gaining more popularity in the past few years, especially for editorial work. Makeup artists like @danessa_myricks, @patmcgrathreal, @kelseyannaf and much more are now creating a buzz on social media with their glossy creations.  

So you might be wondering about the people who can't tell a contour brush from a crease brush or perhaps you’re asking yourself why or how or where you would even think about wearing a glossy eye out in public. Below, we like to think we have all the answers to your glossy eye questions. 


  • Prep the eyelids.

Always use a primer if applying eyeshadow. For a more editorial/ethereal appearance, use a powder highlight underneath the gloss. If using a pressed eyeshadow, apply the eyeshadow as desired. Be sure everything is blended and layered evenly.

  • Apply your gloss.

Use a small, flat brush or your ring finger and place gloss wherever desired. Gloss will reflect light beautifully when placed on the natural high points of the face. Brow bones, cheekbones, center of the lid are examples of natural high points. 


Anywhere! Anytime! No, seriously, we mean anywhere, anytime. Just like your favorite embroidered denim jacket or brightly colored heels, this makeup is a statement accessory.  Try it on your next date night, quick shopping trip, brunch with the girls, or your next runway show attendance. There is no right or wrong time or place to rock a glossy eye. 


Glossy eyes are entrancing, ethereal even. The gloss is rich in texture; slippery and smooth or abundant with creases and smears.  Each glossy eye creation is a small piece of art. We are ready for something new, something more interesting, a conversation starter.  


How to Achieve the Glossy Eye Look

NYX COSMETICS' Lid Lacquer, $4.90;

The Lid Lacquer product is available in two options: black and clear. 

How to Achieve the Glossy Eye Look

MILK MAKEUP's Face Gloss, $36;

The product is exactly as it sounds. Gloss that is safe for eyes, lips, and face. Create a dewy, glossy appearance in minutes, without all the sticky residue of regular gloss. 

P.S. Keep an eye out - word is they will be launching a colorful quad of glossy eye makeup.

How to Achieve the Glossy Eye Look

PAT MCGRATH's Cyber Gloss, $130;

Pat McGrath Labs developed and launched a 7-piece kit in Spring 2017. The kit debuted several new products, like eyeshadows, a smudge stick, blending brush, and an eye gloss. The Cyber Gloss is clear with duo-chrome blue reflects. Unlike the other products mentioned, this gloss is stationary in a small container rather than a squeeze-tube. 

Important Tips & Tricks to Remember

  • Your gloss will crease, slide, smear, and smudge.  Experiment with color palettes and texture. Go with the flow and enjoy the individuality & uniqueness of your look!
  • Use less than the size of a dime for both eyes - this is important!  Too much gloss can slip and slide into your eyes. It's not comfortable, trust me. 
  • If you choose to wear mascara, be sure the formulas is waterproof. 
  • If applying false lashes, be sure to place the gloss somewhere on the lid that won't interact with the eyelash glue. Always apply gloss after false lashes.  
  • If using a loose pigment (rather than a pressed eyeshadow), mix the gloss and eyeshadow together in a small dish and then apply directly to the lids


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