How to Make Your Lipstick Last Through Your Next Holiday Meal

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By: Samantha Weiser

As our minds begin to wander and dream of gift-giving & time spent with loved ones, our stomachs begin to wonder, what'll be on the menu this year. Will there be enough mashed potatoes to go around? And how much pie is too much pie? All good questions. 

But one question seems to be the age-old debate of the season; dress to impress or stay comfortable? This year, choose to do both when it comes to your makeup with a fool-proof (and food-proof) way to apply & wear lipstick all day and all night . Santa Baby Naked Lip Scrub.jpg

1. Scrub

 Remove dead skin cells to reveal a newer, smoother you. Never skip this step! Without using a scrub, your moisturizers, stains, and glosses tend to only reach the surface, running a high risk of having a flaky, cracked application. 

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2. Moisturize & Prime

 After removing the dead cells, add relief and moisture to your pout. Use these products at the beginning of your makeup application so your lips have time to soak in all that goodness. 

Anastasia Lip Primer, $16;

3. Lip Liner

Wipe away any excess products on the lips before drawing and filling in your lip shape with lip liner. The liner acts as a base coat for your lipstick. Lip liner, typically, should be the same shade or one tint darker than your lipstick color. 

NYX Retractable Lip Liner, $5; 'Blitz'.jpg

4. Lipstick

If choosing lipstick from a palette or tube, be sure to blot the excess product from the lips. Gently place the tissue over the lips and begin to apply a setting powder on top. The powder prevents lipstick from bleeding, moving, and transferring. 

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If wearing a liquid lipstick, the application will be your final step. 

Bon Appetit!


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