This is The Superfood Skin Care Brand You Need to Add to Your Routine ASAP

Photo Credit: InStyle 

Photo Credit: InStyle 

By: Rebecca Norris

As a beauty editor, I’m constantly coming across new products that are touted as, "the best-of-the-best." But, it’s very rare that I actually find myself thinking that the claims actually live up to the hype. Youth To The People is, by far, an exception to that thought process. Perhaps you’re familiar with the brand—you’ve seen it on shelves at Anthropologie or scrolling through Nordstrom’s website—but apart from the on-trend minimalistic design, your attention to it was rather fleeting. As someone who breezes past newly released beauty products on a daily basis, I completely understand. But trust me when I say this isn’t a brand you’ll want to scroll past, walk past or go without for a moment longer.

Youth To The People was created by two brothers who have been knee-deep in the esthetic and beauty industry their entire lives as a result of their grandma creating her own skin care line. Spending their early lives running around her office, they quickly became familiarized with ingredients, skin types and the business of beauty. By the time they were old enough to have their own business, it was almost no question as to what it was going to be. Alas, Youth To The People was born.

With their grandma’s vision in mind, the brothers took a modernized approach with a focus on the health conscious and informed consumer to create a one-of-a-kind skin care line that combines the benefits of superfoods and science. Not to mention, it is geared towards people with an active and driven lifestyle—AKA all us boss babes. Whether you’re someone who creates, pushes yourself, wears many hats, travels often, asks endless questions or trusts the journey—this line is for you. And after just one use, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you discovered it.

When making room in your vanity, here’s what you can look forward to so you know how many old products to move aside:

Youth To The People Cleanser


Rinse away the day’s dirt and debris with this nutrient-rich gel cleanser that helps balance your skin. Packed with antioxidant-rich kale, spinach and green tea to give you that fountain-of-youth glow, it helps protect your skin from free radicals and environmental stresses that you run into throughout your day.

Youth To The People Cream


Get ready to go all heart-eyed for this ultra-soft moisturizer that restores, rejuvenates and conditions while protecting against those same nasty free radicals the cleanser aims to protect against, too.

Youth To The People Serum


If you’re one of those people who wonders why serums are a thing, with one pump of this Vitamin C enriched, multifunction, high performance number, you’ll have all the answers you need. Not only will it help maintain skin elasticity and promote natural collagen synthesis, but it brightens skin and prevents hyper-pigmentation, too. As they like to say, just think of it as Photoshop IRL.

Youth To The People Eye Cream


The area around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your entire body and requires a little extra TLC to keep it looking youthful. That’s where this nourishing eye cream comes in. Created with their proprietary superfood blend, tried and true aloe, ultra-emollient sunflower oil and an army of reparative vitamins, with continued use this cream will help reduce fine lines and winkles, boost collagen and improve elasticity.

Youth To The People Mask


Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good mask and glass of wine every once in a while? Well, with this age prevention mask is so creamy and spa-like you’ll want to make time to layer it on multiple times a week. Created with the power of spirulina, bioactive microalgae, crosslinked hyaluronic acid and their proprietary superfood blend, this mask speeds up cell turnover and drenches skin in intense moisture to deliver the plumped, youthful complexion of your dreams.

Welcome to your newest beauty addiction, babes!


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