Get to Know Larsen Thompson: The Dancer & Model Who's Changing the Game

Photographer:      Felipe Espinal ,  Full look:   Laurence and Chico   , Shades:   Vintage Frames ,  Hair &   Makeup:      Christina April     e

Photographer:  Felipe EspinalFull look: Laurence and Chico , Shades: Vintage Frames, Hair & Makeup: Christina Aprile

By:  Caroline Vazzana

If you've ever scrolled through Instagram or watched a viral dance video on YouTube (which we know you definitely have), then you've probably seen Larsen Thompson. At only 16 years old, there’s no denying that this fiery redhead and dancer-turned-model is one to watch in the industry. 
After starting her career primarily in dance, Larsen became curious and decided to branch out. She’s now signed with Next Models, and has appeared in major campaigns for brands such as Dior, Fendi, Juicy Couture, and Betsey Johnson, to name a few. But, with so much already under her belt, and at such a young age, Larsen is looking towards her next goal. (Hint: she’s been working on her acting and singing skills!) So we know that you’ll want to follow along as this girl with GOALS continues to climb the ranks. 
But, aside from being a total boss babe, Larsen is still a teen at heart, spending time with her family, traveling often with her mom, and spreading positivity and love to her fans on a daily basis. Read ahead as Larsen invites us into her world and shares her tips & tricks to #MakingIt.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a dancer?

My aunt and my mom actually grew up in the gymnastics world; my aunt was in the Olympics in 1984. Growing up, and listening to everything she had to say about being in the industry motivated me. It really made me think that I would love to do the same thing, but maybe not gymnastics, maybe dance, because my mom also loves to dance. My mom started putting me in dance classes at four years old. Then, at nine years old, I started seeing some of my mentors working on television shows and I thought, this is what I want to do, I want to be able to do what I love and share it around the world. From there, I’ve been able to do what I love and it’s been amazing.
At only sixteen, you have an incredible career in both dancing & modeling, is there any other field you definitely want to work in?
I definitely want to start getting more into the acting and singing world. I've done a lot of commercials through acting, but nothing really on television- which I've wanted to do forever. I've been training my voice for a good year now, but I kind of stopped because modeling has been crazy. But I'm just trying to get back into it now and focus on my singing, and just see how that goes. 
Although we’re sure no two days are ever the same, could you describe your “typical day”?
I wake up around 10am, and I go on a run, probably 2 miles, or I go boxing, that’s if I don’t dance that day. If I do dance, I go to the dance studio around 2pm, and I’m there until 6pm. But, that hasn’t been my schedule in a while because of modeling. So, my typical day as of  right now is, I wake up, go on a run, come back, hangout with the family, and then I probably will go straight down to L.A. for a photo shoot or a meeting. Then when I’m down there, and if I have the time, I jump in at a dance class at Millennium Dance Complex, and train with one of my favorite choreographers, Brian Freedman. I do that, and then I come home, I eat dinner and I go to sleep. Or I also go to the Academy of Dance Westlake Village, that's right by my house, and that's where I've been training my whole life.
How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is super edgy and different. I love to stand out from the rest of the crowd and not look like anybody else- that's my main goal whenever I put an outfit on. When I worked with Betsey Johnson, she's always taught me the crazier the better, so with fashion I always do the crazy things that nobody would think of.  
What are some of your favorite brands?
I love Chanel, that's my ultimate brand to work for; I would die to work with them. Also, Dior, but I actually just worked with them on a new fragrance they did for Poison Girl, it’s a teenage fragrance. I also love Alice & Olivia and Stella McCartney, they are incredible.
You have such a busy schedule, how do you relax? 
My best way to try to relax is to go on a vacation with my mom. Sometimes during the week she will suggest we go to Miami. So we take vacations a lot, wherever I'm going for work, we will always make a vacation out of it. So if I’ll work 4 days then we'll spend an extra 5 days or so there just on vacation and relaxing.

You've done so many projects and collaborations, would you say you've had a favorite project to date?
My Juicy Couture campaign was really fun. We did that shoot in New York, and it was a really fun day. We got to be ourselves in the shoot, which I loved. We were allowed to just be who we are as individuals, and share our stories. Also, when I worked with Fendi, that was pretty awesome. It was during Coachella, so we got to shoot in Palm Springs. We shot in this reflective dollhouse, and there were mirrors everywhere. That has to be one of my favorite shoots.
How did you go from dancing to modeling? 
I was actually scouted on a commercial. I was working on a commercial and one of the girls asked if I’d want to model in their print campaign. I wasn’t even going to start doing modeling, but after I did that job I was like “wow, this is so fun, I would love to do this.” With dancing I’m able to express myself through movement, and this is another way to express myself. So, I signed with a kid’s agency and then two years ago I signed with Next Models, and now it’s just been crazy modeling. I try to dance when I can, but it’s just been all modeling lately. Which I love, and I’m able to travel the world, and that’s been one of my goals since I was a little girl. So I love it.
Do you have a favorite song you like to jam out to when you’re getting ready in the morning?
Yes! One Dance by Drake. That’s like my go-to song. So good!
You have such an amazing Instagram account, and a great following, what is some advice you could give us for standing out and growing on Instagram?
One thing I always say is to just be yourself. For me, whenever I post a photo, I don’t post a photo that’s going to give me more likes or anything, because I don’t care for that. I just post on Instagram to inspire and motivate people to be themselves, to be happy with who they are. What I try to do is post pictures of what I do in the daily life of Larsen. Like, going on a run, or when I'm at a photo shoot. I’ll post pictures so my followers can get a behind-the-scenes look of what my life is like at a photo shoot or something like that so they can relate to it more. But really, I just try to be myself in whatever picture I post, because I think that is super important.

Where do you see yourself now going in maybe the next five to ten years?

Well, hopefully traveling more with modeling, which would be amazing. Also, I would love to do a TV show or a film, so I’m working hard on my acting as of right now, and just seeing where that takes me. And then singing, hopefully, but I’m really just trying to focus on my modeling and my acting right now. Dance is something I’ll always have, but I know that while dance is a very short career, unless you really go on tour with an artist, I will always have dance but it’s not something I want to do for the rest of my life.

What’s some advice you would give to young girls hoping to follow in your footsteps?

Work hard, and honestly just be yourself. Find your own identity. I think it’s super important, because people these days try to copy other people, or try to be them. And I think that’s very wrong because God created you for you, so you should be happy with yourself and love yourself for who you are. That’s my motto, always, is to just be yourself because I think that is super super important especially in this industry. That’s my go-to.


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