5 Things to Know Before Interning in NYC

Photo credit: Vanityfair.com

Photo credit: Vanityfair.com

By: Paiden Burch

As we head into the school year, we thought it no better time to talk about the things that every intern should know before making the trip to NYC for their experience of a lifetime (because it so is!) Read on for 5 tips to prep you for your internship in the City That Never Sleeps!   

Know your budget

Nothing worth having in life is free and that dream internship in NYC is no exception! Having a budget is a necessity to help make it through without breaking the bank. Plan out what you have to budget for, like living arrangements, transportation, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. You want to be prepared for an unpaid internship, so it’s best to budget and save before making the move. Because trust us, NYC is as expensive as they come with fun opportunities and events around every corner!

Know where you are going to live

If you do not live near the city or have family or friends that do, you’re going to need to find somewhere to live before accepting any internship here! Start with asking around to see if there is anyone you know who is interning in the city (#roomies!) or someone they may know that lives close to the city and would welcome you in. And if that comes to a dead end, local colleges open their doors to students interning in the city.  

Figure out how to get around the city

After finding your summer home, there are two things you need to know about getting around the city. The first one being that if you don’t already know or live in the city, you’re going to need to know how to get into and around it. Whether it’s a bus, car, train, ferry, or subway, know how you’re getting in the city before you make the move as well as a variety of different routes in case there is an issue with Plan A.  For this, apps are total life savers, so peep out the ones that will work best for your commute!

Know your individual goals AND your employers goals

You might not think goals are something you should know before going to your internship, but thinking ahead can make the entire process go so much smoother. Goals help give your internship a purpose instead of just going in and getting it over with. Go in with some thoughts on what it is you that you want to gain from the experience. Not only is it good knowing what you want out of it, but also what they want out of it! Ask questions, and don’t be afraid to share your intentions as well!

Be open minded and have fun

Things are not going to go exactly as planned. Seriously – they won’t! So just remember to take a deep breath and have fun! Don’t let doubt or anxiety rule your days. Have confidence in yourself – you’re here to learn as much as you can from people who have been in your shoes before. Now, go kill it at your internship! #SlayAllDay


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