5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Confidence At Work

Photo Credit:  Popsugar

Photo Credit: Popsugar

By: Micro Startups

Deciding on a work wardrobe isn’t always easy. You want to simultaneously project your personal style, confidence, and professionalism — while staying comfortable enough that you can focus on the tasks at hand.

If you’re struggling with your confidence at work, your wardrobe might be to blame. Feeling underdressed, uncomfortable, or like you don’t fit in with what everyone else is wearing can have a negative effect on your workplace confidence. Luckily, there are some easy ways to tackle this, simply by reassessing your wardrobe.

Dressing for success can help you to look and feel smarter in the workplace, boosting your confidence as well as elevating other peoples’ opinions of you. Here are five easy ways to boost your confidence.

Dress For The Occasion

This is a super-easy way to boost your confidence at work.

Let’s be realistic, you could have spent hours meticulously pairing the perfect accessories with that pantsuit, but if you’re over or underdressed for a situation, then you’re going to feel self-conscious and awkward.

Dressing appropriately for the occasion is a sure-fire way to get your confidence up. So whether it’s power dressing for that important client meeting or dressing down in skinny jeans for a “casual Friday,” then make sure your plan your outfit accordingly.

If you’re not sure how to gauge the level of formality or you’re not given a dress code, then err on the side of caution and go for something smart and neutral. A cute blouse paired with cropped trousers and heels or a patterned midi is a versatile outfit choice that can suit all sorts of work scenarios.

Stand Out with Statement Pieces

Although it’s tempting to splurge your hard-earned dollar on as many items as possible, investing in a few strong statement pieces to wear at work will keep you looking professional and stylish at the same time.

Whether it’s an investment bag or a chic black blazer, the right statement piece can tie together any outfit and dress up any look.

If in doubt, you can finish off any outfit by adding a splash of color with a bold red lipstick — it’ll make you look confident and on-trend in an instant.

Play To Your Strengths

Dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable is crucial to boosting confidence. To do this, you’ll need to consider what clothes best compliment on your body shape, the colors that match your skin tone and patterns that suit your frame.

If you’re blessed with a curvier figure, for example, consider belted tops and form-fitting jackets. If you’re tall, remember vertical stripes will emphasize your height, while horizontal stripes will do the opposite.

In short, take a closer look at your features, and choose an outfit you are going to look your best wearing. Playing to your strengths and compiling a well-coordinated outfit accordingly will help give you the confidence to do your best work.

Don’t Be Distracted By Discomfort

If you want to feel confident in the workplace, you have to feel comfortable too.

It might sound weird preaching this to grown women, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow this simple advice. Wear clothes that fit you properly, and don’t get distracted by items that are cute by cause you discomfort.

For example, if you find tights uncomfortable and restrictive, avoid wearing them and center your work wardrobe around power suits and wide-legged trousers. If you don’t like wearing blazers, then get girly with blouses and midi skirts.

Feeling comfortable, as well as stylish, will give you the confidence you need in the workplace (and the concentration, too!).

Find The Perfect Balance Between This Season’s Fashion & Your Personal Style

It’s one thing staying on-trend, it’s another buying everything you can possibly find for F/W 19 and feeling uncomfortable or frumpy in 90% of it — something that would seriously impact your mindset and confidence at work.

Let’s be honest, the latest fashion trends aren’t necessarily the ones that will make you feel attractive and confident. They’re also not necessarily styles that will suit and complement your figure.

There’s always such a variety of different styles and trends on offer each season that you can invest in clothes that you love and feel amazing in, while ditching the trends that don’t work for you. Finding the perfect balance between this season’s fashion pieces and your own style is what will give you a unique look that boosts your confidence in the workplace.

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