4 Tips For Building A Personal Brand

Photo Credit: Zach Chase for Runway Manhattan

Photo Credit: Zach Chase for Runway Manhattan

By: Emilie Moy

With just about two months into 2018, now is the time to revamp your personal brand. Whether you're already making your mark as an influencer, or are just starting to find your aesthetic on Instagram, there are endless ways to improve your brand and have your voice be heard. The beauty of social media is that it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves by simply uploading an image or sending a tweet. However, this also means that just about everyone is trying to create their personal brand and find ways to stand out from the crowd online. So to help you navigate, we've rounded up 4 tips for building your personal brand.

Embrace Change

Many well-known figures in the fashion industry started their careers working in completely different fields before ultimately finding their passion. So don't be worried if you become interested in something completely different than what you initially were. As your interests change, your brand grows, and it's important to communicate that journey through your online presence. 

Find Your Audience

When first starting to build a brand, it's important to know your audience. Think about the kinds of things you'd want to hear as well as the kind of content that you find either helpful, relatable, inspirational, etc. So before you hit send, ask yourself, "what is the purpose of this post" and "who will it get attention from."

Be Authentic

With so many people vying for that blue check mark next to their name, it's important that your brand comes from an authentic place. Nowadays, there are so many influencers doing promotional advertisements on their feeds, and because of this, authenticity can get a little lost. Audiences not only recognize, but also appreciate a genuine presence more now than ever. So regardless of your brand growth, your voice should remain the same and your values strong. 

Keep it Cohesive

Consistency is key when it comes to building a brand as there are so many platforms to showcase it on. You may be posting something on your Instagram story while telling a completely different story on your Snapchat. Viewers love candid moments and fun boomerangs, but keep in mind that your brand is still your brand across all channels, so you won't want something on one platform that you wouldn't on another.

At the end of the day, expressing yourself through your brand should be enjoyable. So while you're out there taking your 37th "perfect" selfie for the 'gram, don't forget to have a little fun too! 


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