Every Outfit Caroline Wore to Fashion Week


By: Caroline Vazzana

As fashion month comes to a close, I've been reflecting back on every outfit I wore to New York Fashion Week. When it comes to planning my looks for NYFW, each one has to be special and stand out in its own way. I wish I could say that these are just quick, spur of the moment decisions, but in reality, they aren't. Leading up to fashion week, I usually spend a few weeks contacting brands I'm close with and seeing if I can potentially borrow something. I mean, who really wants to break the bank on fashion week looks? Part of working in this industry is fostering relationships with incredible brands so that they will let you borrow clothing- one of the many perks. With that being said though, I always do mix in my own pieces to make each and every look I wear unique and special. Like any great work of art, it takes time, concentration, and of course, balance. Below, I'm breaking down all of my looks. Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!

Day 1

Fashion Week rule 101: mixing prints is a YES!

Day 2: Look 1

For the second day of NYFW, I had an outfit change! Yes, in the morning I was dressed to attend the Milly show. Seen above, I'm wearing a pleated red Milly dress paired over a baby pink sweater. Pink & red is currently one of my favorite color combs. 

Day 2: Look 2

My evening look was all by Nicole Miller, I attended her show and also took over her Instagram backstage and during the show!

Day 3

Proving that lighter pastels can work during colder winter months. 

Day 4

Even rain can't stop us during NYFW, just throw on a fashionable (yet practical) rain coat and you're good to go. 

Day 5

February fashion week always calls for some statement outerwear, so this yellow coat from I.Am.Gia was practically made for this. 

Day 6

Tulle, metallics, and shooting stars make for a princess meets fashion week vibe. 

Day 7

The last day of NYFW actually landed on Valentine's Day so I obviously had to channel my inner cupid. 


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