5 Reasons Why Glasses are the Chicest Accessory in Your Wardrobe

Writing and Styling By: Caroline Vazzana

Photography By: Meghan Eberlein

When I first realized I needed to wear glasses back in high school, it was because I couldn’t see the board in my sophomore year algebra class. From there, I saw my glasses as a necessity. Breaking them out only when I desperately needed to see the board in my classes, I’d take them off as soon as the period ended. As time passed, and my vision got worse, my glasses became part of my wardrobe. Just as I put on a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s or grab my Rebecca Minkoff bag as I’m running out the door, I never leave home without my glasses. I soon invested in several pairs of statement eyewear- there really are so many chic options. And before I knew it, my glasses became something people recognize me for. I mean, all great fashionistas have a signature item right? They accent any look I’m wearing and on days where I don’t feel like doing my eye makeup, my glasses are the perfect cover. And did I mention I don’t wear contacts? So if you’re ever waving at me on the street and I’m not wearing them, make sure you come within arms reach. Below, 5 reasons why I love glasses and you should too. Because, honestly, they really are the chicest accessory you can own. 

A tortoiseshell frame is professional but also fun when paired with a sequin crewneck. 

Shop the look: Yael "rebirth" collection glasses, $355; rvseyewear.com. One Piece Designs Sequin crewneck, starting at $195; opdny.com

Match your glasses to your shirt for a look thats *Gucci*. 

Shop the look: Vintage Model Ze, $375; rvseyewear.com. One Piece Designs Gucci top, starting at $195; opdny.com

Oh hot damn, these square frames are our jam. 

P.S. these are bifocal frames so no need to switch between your glasses and your sunnies!

Shop the look: Memo Sunglasses, $250; rvseyewear.com. One Piece Designs Damn t-shirt, starting at $195; opdny.com. Vita e Liberta earrings, vitaeliberta.com

Though summertime might be "Pepsi time". It's glasses time 365 days a year here, and we're seriously obsessed with these metallic frames. 

Shop the look: Palladium 001 "rebirth" collection glasses, $375; rvseyewear.com. One Piece Designs Pepsi Cola crewneck, starting at $195; opdny.com

Make your eye color pop with a matching pair of frames. 

Shop the look: Vintage Model Moro, $375; rvseyewear.com. One Piece Designs Thug Life top, $210; opdny.com. 


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