5 Secrets to Taking the Perfect Photo from a Photographer

Photo Credit: Pintrest 

Photo Credit: Pintrest 

By: Andrew Willard

So you’ve got an iPhone? A new digital camera? Now what?

No matter which one you’ve got, you can take photos like a pro without watching hours of youtube videos, blowing loads of cash on professional photography classes, or even having to read the manual guide! Below, learn how to take a picture like a pro straight from a photographer. 

1. Look for Color

Use the colors around you, find walls with colors that pops and designs that are intriguing. People will want to see that you can spot a good background or interesting wall. Utilizing natural light and colors as they are in real life will result is less time spent editing, and the more time you’ll have to go out and shoot!

2. Pay Attention to Perspective

Perspective can alter the way shapes and sizes seem. Taking a photo from a higher angle will make objects and structures look smaller, which but will make people look less round or large. (You know when you're trying to find the right angle, that's it) Try different angles, see what looks good, what doesn’t, play around! For a more powerful and impressive shot, try an angle taken from a “worm’s eye view.”

3. Shadows & Highlights will Affect the Shot

Shadows can cast dark shade on the subject of your shot. If the colors and highlights in a photo are being darkened by shadows, try changing the direction that you are taking the photo from. Shooting against the sun can give you some cool effects, like a halo around the silhouette of a subject. Taking it into the sun can cast nice light, or look too harsh and be unflattering. Take a photo in areas where the sunlight gives an even glow on the subject’s skin or outfit.

4. Keep the Weather in Mind

Check your weather app for the day. Know how it will affect or alter what you will be shooting. Earlier morning shots can be come out more faded and cool, while later afternoon can be warmer and result in more contrast. If it is overcast, your photos will come out more grey and less saturated. If it is going to rain, be prepared to protect your equipment.

5. Timing is Everything

If you shoot an hour or two before sunset, you can capture the magic of what we photo-enthusiasts like to call the “golden hour,” where the sun gets brighter, skin colors seems warmer, and sun flares can add a nice touch to any photo. Golden hour shots can be really beautiful, especially if the sun hits a subject at the right angle. A nice golden silhouette can make any photo you take look professional, even if it was taken with your iPhone.


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