How To Wear Primary Colors As An Adult

Photo Credit: Fashionista

Photo Credit: Fashionista

By: Brianna Adkins

While the Manhattan masses seem to always be comfortable in their various hues of black and grey, it’s nice to bring a pop of color to the world through one’s personal style. By adding primary colored pieces to your wardrobe, it’s impossible to blend into the cement and brick tones of the city streets. Personal style is all about a little (or a lot) of added flair. Red, blue, and yellow are all bold color choices on their own, but when mixed together, they can become a chic primary rainbow outfit.

Here are some ways you can stay bold in your wardrobe choices through primary colors:

Color Blocking

With color blocking, you can break some outdated, yet fundamental styling rules. While it’s not often that you hear someone encouraging you to pair red and pink together, when done correctly, the clashing shades can come together to make a beautiful look. Another electrifying color combination? Blue and yellow placed together can make a bold statement. Whether you opt for a blue outfit and yellow accessories or fully dive into both pallets, the outfit will be striking if done correctly. The same goes for red and yellow, blue and red, and any other primary color combination that exists. If it’s bold and eye-catching, then you’re going in the right direction.

Pattern Mixing

It’s not often that one is encouraged to mix different patterns, but lately fashion is all about breaking the rules that were placed in front of us. Two different patterns weren’t meant to be put together, but when they are matched in a pleasing, yet eye-catching way, your outfit can level up. While floral patterns are usually scattered and polka dot patterns are most often placed in an organizational pattern, mixing the two together can create quite the optical illusion that’s easy (and beautiful) on the eyes. Try mixing a red polka dot pattern with a blue striped one for added texture. Pattern mixing isn’t limited to just stripes, polka dots, and floral patterns, though. This also applies to animal print, plaid, and various forms of checkered patterns.


Using the method of wearing a singular color all over from head to toe has a term: monochrome. Monochromatic looks have become all the rage in the past years. With head to toe red, blue, or yellow, you can stand out while looking polished and cohesive! A tip is to try and match each shade correctly so that the look is more tied together. If you’re experimenting with hues, then go for a mixture or bolder and darker shades. During the cold winter months, opting for a primary colored coat and matching your outfit is the way to go. Your outfit will end up looking like a pull from an editorial shoot—and that’s always the best feeling.

Primary colors aren’t just for your elementary school art class. While the color wheel may have taught you about these colors, using this guide will give you all of the compliments you need to rock your primary colored outfit on the NYC streets. Brighten up the atmosphere with a rainbow of primary colors, and you won’t just illuminate the atmosphere, you may just make someone’s day.


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