Get to Know Kit Keenan, Fashion It Girl and Daughter to Designer Cynthia Rowley

Photo Credit: Meghan Eberlein

Photo Credit: Meghan Eberlein

At first glance, Kit Keenan seems like any normal 18-year-old girl. Attending high school in Manhattan, her everyday actives include hanging out with friends at Soho House, or grabbing a latte at La Colombe. Well, maybe her life isn't what you would necessarily consider "normal" for a teenage girl. Growing up in the West Village, Kit is the daughter to fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, so it's no surprise that fashion is in her blood. With brighter than white blonde hair, and model-off-duty-esque style, Kit is an it girl on the rise.

But just because her mother is one of fashion's biggest designers, doesn't mean a career as a designer is necessarily in her future. Read below as Kit invites us into her world and paves her own path in the world of entertainment, film, and social media. And though she may be leaving New York for college come fall, we are so excited to follow along with her journey and see how she's Making it in Manhattan

What school are you currently attending and what are you studying? 
I just finished high school and I am attending the University of Southern California in the fall. I will be studying film making! 

What are your favorite places to hangout with friends in NYC? 


Van Leeuwen

Soho House


La Colombe

Central Park

Although no two days are the same, describe your typical day. 
My entire day is based in downtown Manhattan. We live in the West Village and my school is in the East Village so it is just a short walk down 8th street. Usually I grab a smoothie or almond milk latte from La Colombe, those are the bomb! Next year my typical day will be very different though considering I will be in downtown LA instead of NYC! 

Do you have a favorite song you love to jam out to when getting ready in the morning? 
My favorite song changes all the time but right now: 
Rollin- Calvin Harris + Future
Suede- NxWorries
Little T&A- Rolling Stones

Aside from Cynthia Rowley, of course, who are some of your other favorite designers?
Gucci, Comme Des Garcons, Adidas, and I wear a lot of vintage clothing! 

Do you see a career in fashion in your future? Or are you thinking of taking another route? 
I am definitely interested in fashion, especially fitness and athletic clothing (I basically live in leggings). However, I am going to school for filmmaking and my dream job is really directing. You never know though! 

How to you feel growing up surrounded by fashion has influenced you? 
Though I understand the dark side of the fashion industry and it’s contribution to modern beauty standards, growing up around it has also taught me that fashion and personal style can be really empowering. 

As a member of gen Z, how do you feel social media has affected the way you see the world? 
Definitely! I think social media is an important part of every industry now and it is such a powerful business tool. 

What is the best advice your mom has ever given you? 
She has taught me to be adventurous and take risks (even though I take this too far sometimes). Lately I have been trying to convince her to go sky diving with me which is basically the only extreme sport she is against me trying. Generally, however, she has taught me never to stay in my comfort zone long.

What do you think is the future of social media? 
Obviously we are starting to see this more and more now but the future of social media will definitely be linked with commerce and more companies will base their sales off of social media. 

How do you view Instagram? As a professional portfolio? As a personal outlet? Or as something completely different? 
For me right now Instagram is a personal outlet for sure, but I think in the future it will become more of a portfolio for my work. 

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 
Fitness: @sarahs_day
Food: @infatuation_nyc @thecuttingveg @tessbegg
Swimwear: @inkawilliams @biancaellabooth
Style: @c.syremith @zoeisabellakravitz @sofiarichie


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