This Is The One Thing You Should Never Forget To Bring With You To An Interview

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Photo by khyim/iStock / Getty Images

When I was nineteen years old, and had just finished up my sophomore year of college, I landed my first fashion internship in Manhattan. I was lucky enough to be working in the production department for a very well known women's wear designer and was absolutely thrilled they were giving me a chance. When I was looking for my very first internship, I didn't have much experience and was just hoping one brand might give me a chance and thankfully this one did. The entire application and acceptance process took place digitally, so I never had to physically go in for an interview, which was nice but also meant I had to really prove myself in the first few weeks. 

As time went on I really can say I excelled within the company and wanted more, I wanted another internship. Well, as I always do, I like to plan things wayyyy in advance and think ahead. So as the end of July started to roll around, I began to look for internships I could do during my January break in college since we got a solid month off. As I started searching, I quickly came across a posting for Vogue, pretty much everyone's dream magazine. Vogue was looking to take on interns for their fashion department but for the Fall semester. Me being the eager beaver I am though, decided to apply anyway but clearly stated in my email that I would only be available in the winter but would still love to meet with them and learn about the company. With my fingers crossed, I sent my email to the mecca of all magazines. The next day I received an email back asking me to come in the next week for an interview- I could hardly believe it, I HAD AN INTERVIEW WITH VOGUE!!! 

As I stated previously, I didn't have to go in for an in person interview for my summer internship, so this interview, my interview with Vogue, was going to be my first interview ever!!!! I honestly wish I could tell you what I wore, I don't really remember. I do remember what I wore to my second interview, but that's a story for another time. So before I knew it, the day of the interview arrived. I can remember it being a rainy summer day and leaving my home in Staten Island extra early to make sure to budget plenty of time for the ferry and subway ride, should there be any delays. I arrived to the old Conde Nast offices at 4 Times Square about a half hour before my interview so I proceeded to wait outside the building until about 15 minutes before, I didn't want to be too early because that can be annoying. 

As I was nervously waiting outside I ran into a friend of mine who was, at the time, interning for Teen Vogue. She was walking out of the building to run an errand and when she spotted me she could sense I was a bit on edge. Not only was I awaiting my first interview, but I was awaiting an interview with Vogue, did I already mention that? As we began chatting she reassured me that I would be fine. I proceeded to ask her for details of how an interview usually goes and she told me, "well, when you get in they will ask to see you resume." I started to sweat. Ummmm...."I was supposed to bring my resume?!?" As Cher would say I was absolutely and totally CLUELESS! For some very odd reason, my nineteen-year-old self, who really didn't know much, wasn't aware that you always need to bring your resume with you on an interview and as a result I started to panic. I was now 20 minutes away from my interview and had no idea where I could even go to print out a resume. With no time to spare, I decided I had to think on my feet, fake it until you make it, right? As I headed upstairs to Vogue I felt like I was going to be sick, the last thing I wanted was for her to think I was irresponsible. 

When I got to the Vogue floor I sat and waited, waited for my doom, or so I thought. My interviewer walked out and with a (thankfully) very friendly smile sat down and said, “can I have a copy of your resume to look at?” *GULP* I quickly thought on my feet and made up a lavish tale that since it was raining outside, I tripped as I was getting off the ferry and dropped my resume in a puddle thus ruining it. My heart raced, yikes- this is the end!!!! I can see the light!!! Much to my surprise though, she was SO nice and quickly jumped up and said it was no problem at all and she would print it for me. 

We continued on with the interview and had a great conversation about Vogue and my interest to intern with them in the winter. Unfortunately though, several months later, Conde Nast ended their internship program and my dream of interning at Vogue ended as well. My moral of the story though is, NEVER EVER forget to bring your resume with you on an interview. I now always bring several copies printed on a nice thick paper just in case anything happens to one, like if I actually do fall in a puddle, now  I'll have backups! 

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