5 Tips From A Micro Influencer On Surviving NYFW

Chris Lavish, Caroline Vazzana, Thania Peck

Chris Lavish, Caroline Vazzana, Thania Peck

By: Brianna Adkins

Two times each year, every fashion lover’s dream finds it's home in the heart of Manhattan, and it's known as New York Fashion Week. With seven-plus days packed full of runway shows, presentations, and striking street style from New York’s most innovative designers, it can be a frenzy for anyone in attendance, especially a first-time attendee. That’s why it is imperative to have a plan before diving right into the phenomenally chaotic and luxurious week. With these five tips, anyone can navigate themselves towards a successful fashion week.

Create a contact list

New York’s most fashionable week isn’t attainable without invitations to shows and presentations, but it’s not impossible to obtain one. This process is the most strenuous, but with the correct contact information, it becomes much easier to reach out to designers for invitations. Download the NYFW calendar from the official New York Fashion Week website, add the GPS Radar app to your phone (you can request NYFW tickets through this app), and look up the press contact information of each designer listed on the NYFW calendar. Once your contact list is finished, draft up an outline email that can be edited and sent to each designer’s show that you wish to view. Make your emails professional, so you always receive a response. Remember, a “no” is better than no response.

Determine a schedule

After gathering the invitations, you’ve received in your inbox, creating a schedule for the week. Creating a schedule is the best way to stay on top of each runway show or presentation that is expecting your attendance. Keep in mind which shows are going on at the same time so you can choose which one you’d like to view most. If you cannot attend a show for any reason, pass it on to a friend who would love the NYFW experience! Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that you may receive an invitation the night before or the day of the show, so list out show priorities in case a new opportunity comes up.

Follow influencers, designers, and celebrities in advance

Follow influencers, models, designers, and fashion houses on social media. If you have the opportunity to speak with someone you admire, then it’s important that you are following them on your social media for contact purposes. If you see one of your favorite celebrities, it’s important not to freak out and stay patient. You’ll have time within the period before and after the show to say a quick hello. Overall, stay patient and gather your thoughts before you engage in conversation with anyone you admire. It gives you time to breathe, check yourself, and better communication skills. Once you're ready, get to networking!

Always show up early

Keep expectations low for attending shows the first time around, but always get there early before the line starts piling up. If you get kicked out due to overflow, pick yourself up, head to a café, and recuperate before the next show begins; this denial of entrance does not equal your defeat. Getting to the show before it starts means seeing all of the fantastic street-style looks in 360˚ viewing anyways, so it’s a win even if you don’t get inside of the building where the presentation is happening. While getting there early doesn't always secure your space inside the venue, it surely increases your chances.

Create content and enjoy the shows!

Once you’re seated or standing at the show’s venue, get ready to have a blast. Use your phone or camera to take photos and videos during the show to post later on social media, but also make sure to enjoy yourself. Take notes of what you’re witnessing so you can properly construct your thoughts when you do get ready to post your content. Posting content from a show with properly tagged celebrities, models, and designers can create a great networking opportunity for oneself. Keep an eye on your direct messages and mentions!

With these rules outlining your NYFW experience, it’s a guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic time. While viewing Tadashi Shoji, Anna Sui, or Jeremy Scott may not be in the cards as a first-time NYFW attendee, never give up hope on those invitations. Keep sending out your emails, and networking.


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