Nicole Richie Spills Her Fashion Secrets on Style Code Live



If you're familiar with the fashion industry you already know that television personality and fashion designer Nicole Richie has impeccable style. Monday night the street style inspiration and fashion It Girl shared her coveted fashion advice on Amazon's new live stream fashion and beauty channel Style Code Live. From her favorite fashion and beauty trends to the first thing she's ever designed, read ahead for all of Nicole's fashion secrets. 

How her friends influence her style:

"You know what I love about my girlfriends is that we all have very different style. My friend Katherine Power is very sophisticated and I respect anyone that just owns who they are and dresses for themselves because you were talking about trends earlier, but I actually stay away from that word because I feel like it limits us. You have to do you, and I have to do me."

Her favorite fashion and beauty trends:

"I love a pair of vintage 501 levi jeans, those are a good staple. Another staple is a bodysuit. You really can wear it with anything. Throw on a bodysuit, baggy jeans. Bodysuit, a little skirt. A bodysuit, anything really. A good pair of slip-ons, a pair of flats. I love sneakers, I love flat shoes. Even though I am covered in makeup right now, I actually don’t wear a lot in my real life because I don’t like to clog my skin. I like it to breathe. I like a lot of moisturizer. I do not have a lot of makeup tricks but that is one of them, I like in the summer to put a little orangey-red lip on. Love an orangey-red."

Her personal style:

"I love a slip-dress, some slip-ons, coconut oil in the hair, lotion on the skin and just call it a day."



Her fashion inspirations:

"I am hugely inspired by the 60’s, and the 70’s. Classic rock music and also just LA, because I’m from here and I love it here."

Her summer hair treatment:

"I bleached my hair so much last year that I’m now in a detox. So there’s no color, there’s no straightening, and I have naturally curly hair, so although its nice and slicked back today it’s actually curly right now. This summer it's all about a coconut oil and a slick back."

The first thing she designed:

"I was a competitive figure skater and my dad’s costume designer used to design all of my competition dresses and when I turned ten she was like, 'You know why don’t you come downtown with me and see the studio and why don’t you design your own dress.' Because I was like, 'I want a dress like Nancy Kerrigan' and she was like, 'You just need to come down and I mean I wasn’t at the sewing machine putting it together, but I was very clear on what I wanted and the fabrics and the colors, it was fun."

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