Rebecca Minkoff Wants to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Luggage Ever Again

Rebecca Minkoff

By: Becca Glasser-Baker

There’s nothing worse than waiting for your luggage after a long flight. Standing by the carousel, seeing numerous suitcases come by (all of the same color, of course) and not one of them belonging to you. And not to mention, the fear in the pit of your stomach, that each and every time you see someone pick up a suitcase slightly similar to yours, that they're potentially stealing your bag. We've ALL been there, it can make you literally go mad. Well, we have some good news, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff knows your pain, and has created her very first luggage collection with all of that in mind.  

Designed for the girl-on-the-go, the #AlwaysOn collection includes both luggage and travel accessories that are completely customizable. So you no longer have to worry about someone snatching you bag by mistake! With her Customization Sticker Packs (we’re personally obsessing over the cityscape set) you can design your bag anyway you wish. 

Oh, and it gets better, the entire collection is super high tech. The suitcases have a built-in power banks and multiple USB cords, so you can charge-up on the go. And everything can be connected to the Rebecca Minkoff Travel Bluetooth Smart App, which allows you to monitor the charging levels of the suitcase and it even has a “find me” alarm, so you will literally never lose your suitcase EVER again. 

The luggage itself is designed to be lightweight with a lifetime warranty. So, if the suitcase gets thrown around by airline employees *eye roll* , it will be taken care of. The #AlwaysOn Rebecca Minkoff collection is available for preorder starting on November 1. So just in time for your holiday travels, Rebecca Minkoff has you covered. 


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