How To Stay Fashion Forward When Bundled Up During Winter

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By: Ashton Hayley

Winter in New York City is no joke, but when you live in one of the fashion capitals of the world, you can’t let your style take the hit for warmth. We know some days, specifically those windy, bone-chilling days, it's easiest to ignore fashion and just bundle yourself up. However, living in NYC we have a reputation to uphold, and the winter is no excuse to ruin that. With that being said, here are some ways to stay fashionable without risking getting hypothermia!


Scarves are seriously your best friend when trying to be fashionable and warm. Warmer climates might look at scarves as just another accessory, but they’re really a necessity in the Big Apple. Cashmere, wool and blanket scarves are literally lifesavers. Plus, It’s a great way to add a pop of color, a fun print or more texture to your outfit. Huge blanket scarves are the all-around favorite of ours because you can tuck your face into them when taking on the treacherous icy wind. If you have a matching beanie to go with it, it really completes the look.


If you’re like us, you probably love wearing jeans every single day (to keep your legs warm), but don't forget to give your stylish skirts a time to shine during winter as well. Tights are a great way to style your favorite skirt during the winter. Every girl should have a pair of black semi-opaque tights in their collection because they are always in style. Tights are also a great wardrobe enhancer because there are endless varieties to test out! We love glitter tights, but tights come in all kinds of colors, prints, and opacity levels ( semi-opaque, sheer, and opaque to name a few), so there's a pair for everyone. They’re also super affordable, you won’t be dropping 100s on this simple fashion piece.

Statement Coat

One item you might need to splurge on is your statement coat. When people watching at Bryant Park, pedestrians morph into a giant black blob because everyone’s wearing head to toe black! New Yorkers love their black, but it can hide their entire outfit! Let your coat be another expression of your style. If you’re not into the colors, you can mess with hardware, furs, and interesting design details. If you're not afraid to be bold, coats are a great place to go crazy!

Don’t let winter become a real blackout season for your personal style. We aren’t the fashion capital for just three quarters of the year, but 24/7 every season.


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