Chic Pants To Mix Up Your Summer Work Wardrobe

If you’re a #workinggirl living in New York City, your morning commute probably involves standing in a crowded subway car, dogging people on the streets, and sweating, A LOT, all before even getting to the office. Being able to move around in your work clothes and get to where you need to be is especially difficult in the midst of a summer heat wave. Luckily, AELLA had all this, and more, in mind when designing their workwear line. Eunice Cho created the brand when she realized she had not yet found the perfect pair of black pants after years of working in fashion. Versatile, comfortable, and flattering, AELLA combines the benefits of activewear with chic, sophisticated styles that are perfect for any office environment. Their pieces are moisture wicking and completely wrinkle resistant so you don’t have to worry about looking like you just spent time in a hot sauna after your morning commute. On those days when you feel like you want a break from your office dresses, look ahead to these pants options to help you get started.

1. High Waist Flare, $245;

Even if you think you have short legs, these high-waist flares will give you that legs for days look. It's made from a stretch twill fabric that looks sleek and tailored but has the stretch of leggings. Pair the black with a nice blouse or try the light blue for a more summery office look.

2. Ankle Skinny, $198;

The Ankle Skinny is AELLA's best selling pant and has the ability to contour your body for a flattering fit. Its moisture wicking fabric is perfect for those sweltering mornings when everything seems to stick to your body. The ankle length goes well with both heels and flats and comes in black, navy, and olive.

3. Cigarette Pant, $190;

The Cigarette Pant has a classic and chic silhouette that is great for more conservative office environments. Its loser fit adds comfort and movability which is key for getting through those hectic morning commutes. Wear it with AELLA's short sleeved blazer for a professional, put together outfit.

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