How To Fit in That Workout You've Been Dreading

Photo Credit: Into the Gloss

Photo Credit: Into the Gloss

By: Ashton Hayley

In theory, working out sounds great! I love the idea of getting fit, but I also love the reality of sitting in my apartment eating brownies and watching “The Bold Type” reruns. Who said you can’t have it all!? You can eat your junk food while watching your junk TV and even after you worked all day, you can still have time to fit in a workout. The worst part of working out for me, is simply getting off my butt and doing it. The most significant part of my diet is a calorie-loaded latte, so, unfortunately, I don't naturally look like Beyonce; but if you're like me and are not willing to change your diet, then just do what I do and squeeze in that dreaded workout. Below, a few ways to squeeze in that workout without altering your habits!

My first and favorite way to exercise is my morning run. You read it right, no autocorrect here, I meant the morning run. Specifically, my weekday morning run which I do before work. If you think about it, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to get in a decent run depending on your pace and distance. I like to get up about 45 minutes earlier than I usually would to fit in a 2 mile run before I get ready. That is a realistic and easily achievable goal for you to set, I believe in you! Let's be real here, is that extra 45 minutes of sleep really gonna make that much of a difference? Then by the end of the day, when you get home from work, you can relax and know that you already fit in your workout for the day. Time for Netflix and brownies!

Now this one, I’m sure you’ve heard before, take the stairs. You've probably climbed up them already from going in and out of the Subway. Next time you see that beautiful angel of an escalator, just say no. Work your glutes and quads and take the stairs. When getting to your office, find where that hidden staircase and work it! I work on the 20th floor, so I’ll take the stairs half way up then ride the elevator the other half of the way. This way you're also skipping all those lower floor stops. This mini workout didn't even take extra time out of your day, easy peasy!

Last but not least, all the social time we create for ourselves. I’ll be the first to admit, I love getting drinks and going out with friends, but what if we turned that weekend social time into something active. Instead of getting together for drinks, grab your friends and go to Central Park for some yoga, or hit up a Soul Cycle class- the options are limitless. This way you can fit in friend time and fitness all in one!


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