Every Headband you Need to Add to your Fall Wardrobe

Photo credit: Glamour

Photo credit: Glamour

By: Carolyn Holtzman

Call it a renaissance, because we are obsessing over the resurgence of the headband. With the return of a Blair Waldorf favorite (and a Gossip Girl reboot on the horizon!), we can’t wait to try every style of headband for Fall. From animal print to bedazzled, and some inspiration from the 80s, we’ve rounded up our favorite headbands for every budget to get you ready and accessorized for Fall. Happy Shopping!

Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi .jpg

Lele may not have invented the headband, but she definitely revitalized the trend. Try her classic pearl headband, available in a number of colors and styles for every season and to match every outfit.

Lele Sadoughi Pearl Headband, $150; saks.com

Lele Sadoughi X Revolve Wooden Headband; $150; revolve.com

More Pearls


There’s something so elegant and classic about a set of pearls, but they can sometimes come off matronly when worn as a necklace. Our fix? Wear them in your hair. Even a simple t-shirt and jeans looks dressed up with a dainty pearl headband.

Shashi Empress Headband, $38; shopbop.com

Petit Moments Blair Pearl Beaded Headband, $35; lulus.com

Jewel Tones

jewel tones.jpg

Jewel tones are a fall staple, so why not show them off in your hair. While other headbands can get lost in darker hair, emerald, mustard, and bright-red headbands stand out whether your hair is bright blonde or jet black.

Zara Satin Effect Headband, $20; zara.com

Target A New Day Fabric Headband, $10; target.com


velvet headbans.jpg

Velvet is a go-to for colder weather and a great way to add texture to your look. Why not wear it in headband form? With so many different designs and colors to choose from, velvet headbands are a no-brainer no matter what your personal style may be.

Jennifer Behr Lorelei Headband, $298; revolve.com

Jennifer Behr Mathilda Headband, $275; shopbop.com

All That Sparkles


Fall and Winter are always overly scheduled with holiday parties and fun soirees. Add some sparkle to your outfit with a bejeweled headband that is equal parts festive and fashion-forward.

Zara Bejeweled Quilted Headband, $30; zara.com

Zara Satin Effect Headband With Jewels, $30; zara.com



Will animal print ever go out of style? Cheetah print headbands are the perfect way to add some ferocity to a simpler Fall outfit.

Forever 21 Leopard Print Headband, $4; forever21.com

Lizzie Fortunado Safari Headband, $115; shopbop.com

80's Padded


Biker shorts and dad sneakers have ushered in a new love of the 80s, and accessories aren’t immune. Everyone’s favorite padded headband, rocked by British favorites like Fergie and Princess Di, is the perfect Fall accessory.

Lele Sadoughi Jet Velvet Padded Headband, $75; lelesadoughi.com

Lele Sadoughi Blush Gloss Padded Headband, $85; shopbop.com

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