Skills That Translate From College to the Work Place

Photo Credit:  Coveteur

Photo Credit: Coveteur

By: Meghan Eberlein

The real world is intimidating but so was college at one point! During your first day of #adulting, you will see all new faces and keep forgetting everyone’s names (P.S. that’s completely normal). You are in a new environment trying to become the best version of yourself. College sets you up to be successful in the workplace and be the #bossbabe you were destined to be. And by transferring these few simple skills from college to your new job, you will be an A+ employee!

Sending Emails

It may sound simple, but sending emails is going to become a big part of your life whether you want it to or not. There is a place and time for formal and informal emails, and throughout college you learn the appropriate times to add ‘best’ or ‘xx.’ Make sure you are proofreading your emails and always following up as this will make your emailing smooth in the workplace.

Being on time

Whether you were on a team, in a sorority or in a club, being on time is a true testament of your character. Being on time shows your interest, responsibility and capability to follow directions! Although it may sound simple, it is incredible how many people are late, which can ultimately affect your career.


When you first went to college, you were scrambling to find friends and make connections. The same thing goes for work. Never stop networking! Make sure to carry business cards (shockingly, most people still have them), connect with people on social media platforms or even grab coffee! Maintaining and growing relationships will help you grow also.


Whether you are working a 9-5 job or freelancing, you still have a schedule. Going from class, to club meetings, to practice, then dinner with friends all requires some type of schedule. Be sure to buy a cute planner or sync your google calendar to your phone so that you are on top of your busy schedule!

Hard work

As a freshman, you had no idea what you were getting yourself into. Classes can be more challenging than anticipated - in a good way! Same goes for the workplace. You will be given tasks you have no idea how to do but with hard work you can figure it out and impress your boss!


There are good days and there are bad days - that’s just life. You fail a test, now what? Do you study more for the next exam or give up? Your boss hates the piece you submitted. Do you research more on the next one or give up? Remaining positive through all of the setbacks makes it easier to keep moving forward to achieve your end goal.

You can never be over involved

Being apart of one extracurricular activity limits you from meeting more people and learning new aspects of the industry. In the workplace, the more involved you are with talking to colleagues, eating lunch together or helping on projects, the more you are going to get out of your own experience. Being involved is important in growing your network and learning from others while making sure to keep time for yourself!


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