How to Save That Money for Shopping Instead of Lattes: Even When it's PSL Season!

Photo Credit: Stylecaster

Photo Credit: Stylecaster

By: Ashton Hayley

Probably the hardest thing to do is give up your coffee addiction, especially when you live in the City That Never Sleeps. And when you thought that was the worst, we just added an extra shot of tiredness in the form of our beloved PSL. But we’re here to help you get past that caffeine high and save your money for more important things, like those booties you saw at Bloomingdales. One of our go to places is Gregory’s, and they do this horrible thing where they make it convenient for you to buy a latte. All you have to do is scan your app, then at the end of the month it comes out of your bank all at once. That’s how it hit us hard, and we realized we were spending around $100+ a month on lattes! So, we tested 3 ways on how to put that PSL money where you can see it... your closet!

The easiest:

The simple substitution is making tea lattes. It is cheaper and there are so many flavors! We made a stop at Whole Foods and bought a small jar of honey, 2 different kinds of teas and almond milk. Total spent: $12-$14. It took us a few weeks to learn how to make really good tea lattes but once we did, they were AMAZING!

TIP: Chai tea and breakfast blend teas have a good amount of caffeine, and there are also seasonal chai flavors that are amazingly delicious and won’t leave you left out of the PSL craze!

The sneakiest:

Someone in your office has to have the hook up! After some digging, we found the secret coffee pot in one of the back rooms. The best way is to make friends with the keeper of the coffee pot and they'll probably let you have some for a small fee of coffee beans. If all else fails, just sneak in there quick, pour and get out!

The tastiest:

Make your latte at home and bring it to work! You can get creative with this one. We even made our own almond milk (super simple, but time consuming) and added vanilla and a cinnamon stick into the batch. We’ve also made our own whipped cream to keep in a container in the fridge that can be scooped out by the dollop in the morning! Your homemade lattes can taste even better than coffee shop versions!

Bottom line: we believe in you! Would you rather have that latte or a brand new fall wardrobe? (Answer: all.the.clothes.)


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