How to Master the Athleisure Look in the Office

how to wear athleisure in the office

By: Reese Jones

The usual slacks and blazer set for your 9-to-5 is not bad, but that doesn't mean you can't spice up your office outfits with casual wear. If you more in a more non-tradtional work setting, whose to say you can’t take your smart casual wardrobe to the next level by adding athleisure pieces? Here’s some wisdom from your resident guru to get you started.



Sweatshirts have come a long way from being gym staples to streetwear staples. Silicon Valley CEOs may have made it cool to look like nerds on a Saturday night, but if your HR doesn’t want you to look sloppy, stick to black, grey, white, or the primary colors. Pairing it with office pants or pencil skirt and heels can transform ‘lazy’ into ‘laidback.’ A stylish traditional watch can also help to tone down the gym look vibe.

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Tracksuit jackets and track pants have made a comeback, but these 90s signatures can come off as too sporty in an office setting. You can get them to work by replacing your office blazer with a tracksuit jacket, while track pants can be paired with an office-friendly crisp white button down. We stress, do not wear the set together to work, break it up to keep if office appropriate. You’ll never go wrong with black and shades of grey, but you can get away with other colors if you’re working in a more creative setting.

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Like sweatshirts, hoodies can be challenging to turn into a part of an office ensemble. But if you stick to basic colors and non-descript designs, you can combine it with high-waist pants and heels, or layered over a really fun tulle skirt. Medium-fit sweatshirts work well especially if you iron it before wearing.

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Of course, let's not forget everybody’s favorite comfort wear, t-shirts. Go for grey or white as the default choices, but darker shades of blue or red can work as well. Stay away from statement and graphic tees as they can be distracting, which is a no-no at the office. You can tuck your tee in a high-waist skirt or pants. Wearing jewelry can also help as they provide contrast to the simplicity of the outfit.

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If you're wearing a formal-looking top or slacks, a striking pair of sneakers can spice up your look. You could go for a classic white or a retro inspired pair. Now is the best time to be adventurous with your footwear, as the daring styles of the 90s have returned with a lot of hype and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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Mastering the athleisure look for the office is about hitting that sweet spot between serious and fun. The best thing is that all the new possible variations can make you look forward to dressing up for work.


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