Spring Cleaning 101: The Best Places in New York City to Resell Your Clothes

Photo Credit:   Beacon's Closet

Photo Credit: Beacon's Closet

By: Janette Artea

With each new season, comes the ultimate “closet purge.” And what better time than the First Day of Spring to start anew and build a fresh new wardrobe. With closet space in New York running on the smaller size, it’s a good idea to get rid of some of the old while welcoming the new, and perhaps making some extra cash.

Because New York City is a fashion haven for both shoppers and sellers alike, grab a shopping bag, fill it with clothes you’ve broken up with and visit one (or more) shops in our list of top 3 places to resell your clothes. 

Beacon’s Closet

Who can forget Abbi and Ilana hustling to make a bit of extra cash on Broad City by reselling some of Abbi’s favorite pieces at Beacon’s Closet? This Brooklyn-based, female founded shop is practically synonymous with New York City and has been voted NYC’s #1 place to buy, sell and trade. With locations in Greenpoint, Bushwick, Park Slope and the East Village, Beacon’s is known for its selective buying process so be prepared to take some of your trendiest pieces. The best part? Any pieces not selected for resale will be donated to a charity by Beacon’s, so you can cross that off your to do list. 

Crossroads Trading Co. 

Take your in-style, on-trend pieces for cash or trade credit on the spot. Crossroads offers four different options to sell the pieces you’re ready to part with. Whether it’s in-store, drop-off, consignment or mail, Crossroads pays 50% in trade of what they price your items OR 33% for cash of what they price your items. (30% if you send your piece via the mail option). With multiple locations across the country, Crossroads offers a unique array of clothing and accessories at prices you’ll love! 

Buffalo Exchange

Recycle some of your favorite pieces by paying Buffalo Exchange a visit. Located in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, take your prized pieces in for the chance to receive 30% of the selling price assigned in cash or 50% in store credit onsite. Note to future sellers, make sure you scope out the ‘Wanted’ section on their website for the latest on the types of clothing and accessories they’re on the hunt for. The more you know before lugging bags full of items, the better payout you’ll receive! 

When selling your items, remember to do your homework to ensure you get the most out of your closet clean out and don’t be disappointed if they pass on any of your items! Most resale shops take pieces they don’t purchase and donate it to a local charity - talk about silver linings! 

Happy selling!


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