How To Mimic Model Brows


By: Samantha Weiser

With Fashion Month behind us, we are still dreaming about what was on the runways and in the presentations. Although we admit the outfits are usually our favorite part, we can’t seem to get our mind off of those big, bold, and beautiful brows seen this season. Eyebrows are an essential part of any look - they might be the one accessory most of us won’t leave the house without! Though most of our brows won’t be as jaw-dropping as the beautiful Sophia Hadjipanteli (@sophiahadjipanteli) and her #UnibrowMovement on Instagram, it’s fun to experiment with new shapes, colors, and styles. So, whether your style is wispy and free, big and bold, or bleached and barely-there, you can have model-esque brows any day of the week. 


You should be paying the same amount of attention to your brows as you do the hair growing from the top of your head. Just as you would get a trim every 6 weeks, start a routine of the same time for waxing, tweezing, or trimming your brows. Be sure to ask a professional for advice before going all-in yourself. 


If you’re looking for a little more than what you have, try a nightly serum to achieve the brows of your dreams while you get some extra Z’s. Apply to the roots of your brows or wherever seems to be sparse. Be sure your face is clean and dry beforehand. In a few weeks time, you’ll begin to notice a difference in how your brows look & feel. 


If you’re not willing to let your brows budge one bit, freeze them in place before applying makeup. Tp achieve, take a wax pencil or clear bar of soap and blend with a spoolie. The sticky wax (or soap) glues brows and is a great primer for your next step. 


There is SO much to be found online or in-store nowadays, it can be completely overwhelming. 

For the minimalist:

Try a brow gel. You can choose clear or tinted, depending on your mood. The gel adds hold as well as pigment, so be sure to use a gel after applying pencil, powder, or pomade in order to keep every hair just as you like. 

For every day:

Try a powder or pencil. Both have great pigment, are very precise and can easily be blended. Be sure to follow with a brow gel. 

For the a night out:

Get yourself a waterproof brow pomade. This will literally keep your brows staying put until the next morning...seriously! Be sure to follow with brow gel. 


It seems that a popular way to apply brow product is with a doe-foot applicator - like the one you’d find on a liquid lipstick - as this stiff, angled-brush is the best way to achieve natural-looking brows. The spoolie brush is your best friend though, so never forget this! Use this magic tool to shape, place, blend, and brush out your brows to their fullest potential.


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