This New York Based Glasses Store is a Must Stop Shop

By: Caroline Vazzana

When it comes to eyewear, I have to say, I am a bit bias. As a self-proclaimed eyewear addict, you really can never have too many pairs- I was instantly intrigued when I was first introduced to RVS Eyewear. Founded by Vidal Erkohen in 2007, he wanted to take the quality and originality of eyewear of the past and bring it into the future. 

Not only is each pair one-of-a-kind and the perfect accent to any look, only a limited quantity is produced of each, so when you purchase a pair of RVS Eyewear, you truly are purchasing a product that no one else has. What could be better?  

Today, every pair is handmade, yes, you read that right, by Japanese artisans. So there’s a lot of TLC that goes into each and every par. You can shop their eyewear in their incredible store on Bowery Street in NYC or online at And with so many different pairs, below I've rounded up a few of my favorites, just in case you’re not sure where to begin. 

Raphael "Rebirth" Collection, $355;

Tia- RVS x San Siguenza (limited edition), $425;

Naomi "Rebirth" Collection, $375;