How To Transition Your Life From Winter to Spring

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

By: Paiden Burch

We are so over the cold and are desperate to jump into spring! Even though it’s still cold out, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little fun into your winter looks. Here are 4 fun ways to transition your life from winter to spring.

Wear Bright Colors

Colors like yellow, pink, and purple are great spring colors. These colors scream spring and are super easy to add into a winter look. Whether it’s a pink sweater, yellow jacket, or purple shoes these colors are sure to take away the winter blues.

Wear Prints

It’s time to start breaking out your springtime prints! Springtime is full of florals, so why not add some into your wardrobe. A floral dress with a leather jacket is a perfect combo for a winter to spring look. If dresses aren't your thing, a floral suit can do the trick, whatever floral combo you choose don’t forget to have fun with it.

Change Up Your Hairstyle

A great way to start your winter to spring/summer transition is picking out a new fun hairstyle or color. Your hair can lose some of its charms in the winter, so make that appointment and bring it back to life whether that’s going lighter or cutting it into a new style! Great hair makes you feel more confident, and it makes your day and season a lot more fun.

Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Just like hair can make you feel different about your look so you can make up. Start adding more color to your makeup routine. Whether that’s more blush or a pop of lipstick. A colorful makeup look is an excellent start for jumping right into springtime.


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