6 Tips For Making a Career Change

Photo Credit: Coveteur

Photo Credit: Coveteur

By: Carolyn Holtzman

Switching jobs can be terrifying, especially if you want to move into the fashion industry. With so many coveted positions and competitive applicants, it’s hard to know where to even begin. But fear not, we’ve put together 6 tips to help get you started.

Whether you’re looking to move into the fashion industry or just your next career change, here are the best ways to get yourself in the right room with the right people and land your dream job.


If you’re looking to move into fashion or any new industry, you need to understand the landscape. That means keeping up with the brands, trends, and people shaping the industry and being able to talk about them intelligently. The easiest way to do this is to read as much as you can. Go the classic route and subscribe to a print magazine or read online coverage and newsletters. Keeping up with the industry while you’re starting your job search, instead of cramming in info the night before an interview, will always show.

Hone your skills.

Don’t look at your current job or internship as a waste of time. Instead, think of it as a way to hone the skills you’ll need to land a job at your dream company. If you want to be a fashion publicist, work on your pitching and presentation skills. If you want to be an editor, volunteer to work on projects that involve writing or start a blog on the side. Just because you’re working in a different industry doesn’t mean you can’t improve your skill set overall.

Put yourself out there.

We’re so obsessed with self-care these days that it’s almost become too easy to justify going straight home to binge your favorite show every night after work. But nobody ever met someone new by staying in and watching Real Housewives. Make an effort to go to industry events, panels, and parties and don’t leave until you’ve met one new person and exchanged contact info. It may seem daunting at first, but after the first time you leave with a new contact, it becomes a breeze. And then you can head home and reward yourself with some RHONY.

Instagram is your best friend.

Brands and companies are constantly posting about open positions within their company and events they’re hosting that are open to the public. Follow your favorite editors, agencies, stylists, and designers, and when you get the chance, see above and get out and meet these people!

Bonus Tip: Social media is also a great way to keep up to date on company news and clients, which will always benefit you to touch on during formal job interviews.

Volunteer at Fashion Week.

Another great way to get a foot in the door is by volunteering at Fashion Week. Brands and the PR agencies that put the shows on are always looking for an extra hand during this busy time of year, giving you an opportunity to be considered for a new role in their company. Reach out over email to the brands and agencies that you’re most interested in a month or so before NYFW begins and offer to help out. You may end up running errands, dressing models, checking in guests or cleaning up after the show, but you’ll leave with contacts who will remember your work ethic.

Show your gratitude.

Manners go such a long way. You’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t send a quick follow-up thank you after an interview or when an internship wraps. Always be sure to send a thank you email for the opportunity, no matter how big or small. It’s a two-minute exercise that really can help you stand out.


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