4 Tips On Creating An Organized NYC Closet

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

Photo Credit: Man Repeller

By: Rachel K. Grim

Can we agree there is nothing more inspirational than scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest viewing photos of perfectly curated walk-in closets? If those closets aren’t motivation to reorganize your wardrobe, what is? But let’s be honest, if you’re a New Yorker, a spacious closet is likely NOT reality. In fact, it’s possible your entire apartment is the size of a walk-in closet! Being a fashionista with an NYC closet can be a real struggle. Insta-inspiration to organize your wardrobe only goes so far. Here are a few tips on what to keep (and what to toss) from your NYC closet.

Staple Pieces

The world seems to believe every New Yorker’s wardrobe consists solely of black and tan, we know better! But this does not mean owning every piece in every color is necessary either. Take a look at what you wear regularly. Do you frequently wear denim or dresses? Blouses or T-shirts? Keep the staple items you wear most often and part with those that are not being worn due to color or size. For instance, if you are collecting black dresses as a staple BUT denim is your go-to for everyday wear, it’s time to pick your top 2 favorite dresses and say goodbye to the rest.

Statement Pieces

Being a fashion lover, you likely know the importance of a good statement piece. Whether it be your favorite printed pant or an outrageous shoe to jazz up an otherwise bland outfit, statement pieces are essential (and definitely a KEEP) in your New York wardrobe. However, do not get caught up thinking that EVERY bright color or uniquely hemmed item needs to be your statement piece. Instead, hold onto pieces that can be styled up, style down and that you actually wear! Remember, if it is a statement piece you haven’t worn over the past year, it is time to say goodbye.


Having an entire wardrobe of shoes is not uncommon for the modern NYC fashionista. But sadly, outrageous does not always mean practical. Sticking to a shoe that is useful for an everyday sidewalk strut is critical. Opt to keep your stylish yet comfortable boots, fashion sneakers, slides, and chunky block heels. And maybe even a pair or two of sleek stilettos…because Carrie would want it that way (but ONLY a pair or two you will truly wear!).

How To Organize

Once you’ve rid your wardrobe of items no longer necessary, consider organizing your closeted items by style and color. Separate long sleeve blouses from T-shirts and dresses from trousers, while maintaining color coordination. Hang all items on thin but durable felt hangers. This prevents falling while saving the space of bulky hangers. Consider storing away seasonal clothing for additional closet space. And what your NYC closet lacks in hanger space, it likely makes up for in height! Don’t be afraid to stack clothing racks or add high shelving. If having an open hanging rack is an option, jump on it! There is no better way to motivate you than a rack that is open to view. This is a great way to see options and outfit items together quickly!


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