5 Must-Have Items to Help You Survive Fashion Week

fashion week must have

By: Belle Bakst

Fashion Week is is one of the most exciting times in the industry, when all of the city’s best dressed come out to enjoy the new styles of the season. But aside from dressing your best and enjoying the new collections, it’s also the best time to network, and make new connections. However, when running to and from shows, it’s easy to bring too much with you, and even worse, to forget the necessary! If you bring nothing else, bring these five must-have items along, and you're guaranteed to have an easier fashion week.

1.     A MetroCard.

Everyone and their mother will be trying to hail a cab. Beat the crowd and in lieu of sitting in traffic, buy yourself a MetroCard for the week. The unlimited weekly pass is perfect and will save you some money. Twenty-dollar cabs add up quickly!

2.     Business cards.

Fashion week is one of, if not, the greatest networking events of the whole year. You’ll want to get everyone’s business card. You’ll be asked for a card, and you’ll look super professional to have them on hand!

3.     A cute pair of flats.

You’ll be on your feet all day going from show to show. Stash a cute pair of flats to change into between shows. Nothing is worse than spending the day in heels…except maybe wearing heels all day while climbing stairs in and out of the subway.

4.     A portable phone charger.

Snapchatting, texting, and taking boomerangs of everyone and of everything is draining on your phone. Even if you charge up the night before you’re going to want to have a portable charger with you. The moment your phone dies, is often the moment you want to use it the most.

5.     A snack.

I can’t stress this one enough. Fashion Week is a marathon of running around, catching the next subway train, and snapping photos of your favorite designers. All of these things can leave a girl totally famished. A few granola bars can be the difference between feeling your best, and needing to sit out the rest of the day. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to eat!


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