9 Stylish Commuter Shoes for Every Season

the best commuter shoes

By: Zoey Woldman

Whether you live in a big city, or a rural town, commuting to work or school is part of your routine. While there are different methods of commuting (driving, walking, taking the bus or train, etc.), one thing remains the same--there are shoes responsible for getting us from one point to another. For some, those shoes are purely a means of function. For others, they’re the paper clip keeping the whole presentation from falling apart on the floor. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of commuter shoes--Walking on Clouds to Carrie Bradshaw to Just Went Shopping--there’s no need to choose between comfort and cultivating the perfect #ootd. Making it in Manhattan imagines a perfect world in which they coexist harmoniously. Keep reading to find out where you fall on the spectrum (because there is a spectrum) and what commuter shoe will act as the perfect extension of your overall ~lewk~.

commuter shoe Walking on  a Cloud.jpg

Walking on Clouds

Is a woman in a business suit and running sneakers dodging oncoming taxis and cyclists your spirit animal? Do you dream of a commute that calls for peak comfort? Do you get excited just thinking about stashing away your sneaks under your desk to replace them with your all day shoes? If your answer is yes to the above questions, you may be in search of a commuter shoe that feels like you’re walking on clouds. You’re in luck because MIIM has found just the shoes you’re looking for--the pot of gold, sitting on the cloud at the end of the rainbow if you will. These shoes are so comfortable that you won’t want to swap them out for your other shoes. And guess what, they’re so cute that you won’t have to!

1490 Patent Marc Jacobs Dr. Martens, $220; MarcJacobs.com
Marni Vitello Moccasins, $688; shopbop.com
Converse X JW Anderson, $120; shopbop.com

commuting shoes 2.jpg

The In-Betweeners

Maybe you’re stuck somewhere between wanting to wear the same shoes at work as the ones that got you there in the first place and keeping your outfit on point. Maybe you really want to wear sneakers to get there, but can’t keep them on all day because of a dress code. Maybe you saved up for those boots for weeks, so you want to wear them for as many minutes in a day as possible. BUT, you also don’t want to replace the bandaids on your toes every hour. You, my friend, are an in-betweener. You appreciate a comfortable commute, but you equally appreciate a good look, a full outfit that you worked hard to think up. Hey, there are shoes for that--think booties, and wedges, and mules, oh my!

Zara Tall Lug Soled Boots, $70; zara.com
Everlane The Day Boot, $225; everlane.com
Camper Twins, $165; farfetch.com

commuter shoe 3.jpg

Carrie Bradshaw Just Went Shopping

Quick question--have you ever actually purchased a pair of designer duds for $400 (not talking thrifted folks)? You’re lying if you said yes. It’s a myth! The ’90s are long gone and those days are too, but Carrie reminds us that shoes are not just part of a look. They are the look, in and of itself. If you are somebody that feels like the pedestrians on the sidewalks or the other bus riders are as deserving as your colleagues to see your entire ensemble, there’s a good chance that you can’t be bothered with switching your shoes when you get to work. You don’t even want to downplay your footwear for a more comfortable commute. You’re a firm believer in the saying, “beauty is pain.” Well, guess what?! This fab footwear is cute and comfortable! It’s a commuter shoe miracle.

& Other Stories Square Toe Stiletto Sock Boots, $179; stories.com
Sam Edelman Delaney Block Heel Mule, $120; samedelman.com
Maryam Nassir Zadeh Maribel Sandals $522; lagarconne.com

Once you find the right shoes for you, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the hassles of early morning commutes. As for actually turning your alarm off and getting out of bed...that’s another story.


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