Mangiamo Baby: A Review of New York's Newest Insta-Worthy Spot, The Sosta

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By: Becca Glasser-Baker

Living in NYC, you find out that the city is known for many things, and 90% of them being its Instagram-able food. On the boarder of Soho and Little Italy lies The Sosta , or some would say the most Instagram worthy restaurant south of Houston. If you thought you knew what a cute restaurants looks like before, be prepared to whip out your iPhones the minute you step foot in it's millennial pink doors. We promise your feed will be drenched in The Sosta scenery by the time you leave. 

The atmosphere boasts marble table tops and pink table tops. The space flows openly and everywhere you look, there's a perfect photo spot. The lighting is incredible and gives the restaurant a breezy vibe. Once you approach the counter, you're greeted with a beautiful neon sign which says "Mangiamo Baby” which roughly translates to, you guessed it, “Eat Baby”. They have a small menu full of tasty bites that range from brunch items to hearty homemade pastas. They focus on local and seasonal produce as well and also have a small cocktail menu. 

I went during lunch hour with founder/editor-in-chief of Making It In Manhattan, Caroline. There was no line at around noon which is unheard of in New York City. After asking for recommendations: Caroline went for their famous “Sosta Mista,” which was an Antipasto board, and I went for their Zucca Vodka, which was a pasta dish with bell-pepper shaped noodles complete with “Tomato, caramelized onions, vodka, cream and fresh basil.” It was served in one of their adorable millennial pink bowls, armored in their logo, which was a nice branded touch. We both got a glass of Prosecco as well, which was extremely refreshing and the perfect compliment to our dishes. 

My pasta was not only cooked to perfect al dente temperature, but it was also shaped like bell pepper which I found extremely unique. The sauce was a tad bit spicy for vodka sauce but overall it was delicious. To top it off, the dish was garnished with fresh basil which really added to the flavor and texture of dish. I found it very satisfying as well as filling. The Sosta is somewhere I would love to go again because it’s delicious and worth it for the gram’.  


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