7 Podcasts That Are Perfect For Your Morning Commute

7 podcasts that are perfect for your morning commute

By: Christian Mosi

Early morning commutes can be a drag due to long distances, delays, and traffic. However, we find that morning commutes are the best times to reflect and help set up a positive mindset for the remainder of the day. You can use every minute during your commute to get closer to your goals by listening to podcasts! We're here to help you find podcasts that will motivate, inspire and influence your life.

These podcasts are perfect to listen to while you're going through the hustle and bustle of the morning. These resources continue to influence listeners over the world daily. These podcasts will not only motivate you but will give you the positivity to finish your day strong. Here are six of our favorite podcasts to add to your morning commute.

Small Doses by Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales’s Podcast will not only add laughter to your everyday routine, but she will introduce you to new cultures. Seales's conversations focus on trending topics, girl talk, and pop culture. Seales witty demeanor creates the perfect podcast because she continues to inspire women from all over the world. Seales does a great job by addressing situations that are fascinating but yet relatable.

Earn your Happy by Lori Harder

Lori Harder has the perfect formula for you to reach success in her weekly podcast. She has the perfect fusion of inspirational guests who continue to help her audience connect with happiness. In addition to motivational podcasts, Harder also touches on topics such as fitness, business, and self-love. This podcast is perfect for anyone who is trying to face their fears and come out of their comfort zone.

Self Soul Sport by Shanna Tyler

Shanna Tyler is a life coach, girl boss, and yoga instructor. Tylers soft spoken, honest and warm approach reassures listeners that Tyler’s recommendations and advice are as good as gold. Tyler's guests are a perfect combination of influential women who cover topics such as anxiety, fitness and finding a purpose in life. You will not be disappointed by her dialogues.

Publyssity by Alyssa Amorosa

Alyssa Amorosa is not only a lifestyle blogger, media maven, and Fashionista but she also has experience as a publicist. This Boss Babe shares inspiration and recommendations from her day to day experiences in her podcast. Amorosa incorporates her professional experience as a publicist and brand to paint a picture of what it takes to be an influencer. Amorosa's guests include high profile executives, famous reality stars, and fashion influencers, including our very own Caroline Vazzana! Her honesty and professionalism is truly invaluable to her listeners.

Monocycle by Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine is not only the founder of the Monocyle Podcast, but she is also the creator of Man Repeller. The podcast streamlines topics from ManRepeller.com, which highlights the interests of things women care for with a little humor. Medine's candid conversations draw an instant connection with her listeners. Medine discusses topics such as pregnancy, fashion, and interviews top executives. Medine's humorous dialogues should be on your playlist immediately!

Pretty Basic Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz are veterans when it comes to showing the power of social media. These best friends have a fan base of 28 million followers combined and are content creators on Youtube. Marie and Cruz are Influencers who take listeners on fun conversations, behind the scenes of what's it like to be an influencer and share plenty of secrets and tips to building your brand. They cover a variety of topics such as Coachella, Toxic Friendships and these ladies even paid a visit to Kim Kardashian’s Nutritionist! These babes continue to give listeners the keys to success.

Wobble by Jules and Sarah

This podcast is run by Jules Von Hep & Sarah Powell, and it was created to address real topics like body confidence and happiness. The pair though focuses on keeping everything lighthearted and inspiring to help you overcome anything you may be dealing with.

These podcasts will help you survive your morning commute; by adding so much valuable information in your daily routine. Whether you pick Seales, Harder or Amoroso to start your commute; you will not be disappointed by all the fascinating content they have to offer!


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