The Color You Should Be Wearing According To Your Astrological Sign

Photo Credit: Get The Gloss

Photo Credit: Get The Gloss

By: Samantha Weiser

We've all been there...checking your horoscope - and cringing - to see what kind of day you're going to have. While astrological signs can reveal a lot about ourselves, including personality and partner compatibility, did you also know that they reflect which colors we feel our best in?

Color has been proven to affect moods and use a language all can understand. If you're not familiar with power-posing, we got you! Check out our guide to the color you should be wearing according to your sign. prada red shoe - Aries.png

Aries Mar 20 - April 19: Red

Red captures your passion's flame. You're ruled by Mars, the Red Planet, and often show traits of courage, determination, optimism, energy, and honesty.

STYLE TIP: Layer reds to capture your fiery personality. 

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Taurus April 19 - May 20: Green

Your spirit is that of springtime - fresh and eager to grow. Some say you're stubborn, others will say committed. Either way, you're devoted to your passions. Green captures these traits of yours, along with your grounding and love of the outdoors.

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Gemini May 20 - June 20: Yellow

Yellow attributes your curiosity and inquisitive nature. Your adaptive thought and ability to learn quickly make you shine brightly amongst others.

STYLE TIP: Let that personality show through y adding small, yellow accessories and accents to your look.

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Cancer June 20 - July 22: White & Silver

Your intuition and imagination keep you looking for a clean slate. White captures your spirit's purity while silver best represents how hard your exterior is. True to your mascot, the crab, you are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Don't let your sensitivity deter you from any resolutions this year.

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Free people Stretch sock boot Gold-Leo.jpg

Leo July 22 - Aug 22: Gold

What would you do if all that you touched turned to gold? That's the Leo touch. Gold truly brings out the best in you! Your warm and optimistic heart is mixed with your creative passion. You lead others with your sense of self-confidence and cheerful nature while your generous spirit empowers others to be golden as well.

STYLE TIP: Add a touch of gold to every outfit to ensure you are always flourishing!

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Green Fedora - Virgo.jpg

Virgo Aug 22 - Sept 22: Brown & Green

Befitting these lovely Earth tones, you are the most grounded in your social group. Brown represents stability, while green symbolizes growth and strength. You're hard-working, analytical, and loyal. Your practicality and organizational skills can promise a hearty 2018, as long as you stay grounded.

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Brennan Jumper Shrimps UK PinkBlue - Libra.jpg

Libra Sept 22 - Oct 23: Pastel Pink & Light Blue

Libra, you always seem to be seeking equality, clarity, and balance. And these two colors create such a beautiful balance. You seem to be the diplomat of your circle; gracious, cooperative, and intellectual are some of your best strengths.

STYLE TIP: Mix and match these colors to showcase your multi-faceted personality.

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Black Dress French Connection - Scorpio.jpg

Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21: Black

Black seems appropriate for the most mysterious sign, the Scorpio. You're inquisitive, passionate, resourceful, stubborn, and sensitive. Play to your strengths as your mystery also puts you in the running for the sexiest astrological sign. And don't worry, there's no such thing as too much black.

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Fenty Purple Highlight - Sagittarius.jpg

Sagittarius Nov 21 - Dec 21: Purple

Besides being known as the color of royalty, purple is seen as the color of enlightenment and creativity. Rest assured your spirituality and awareness speak volumes as does your openness, generosity and ideals. 

STYLE TIP: You're seen as the traveler of the zodiac, so be sure to spread your love and positivity everywhere you go, one plum shade at a time.

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Urban Decay Ultimate Basics - Capricorn.jpg

Capricorn Dec 21- Jan 19: Neutral Tones

You must be the rock of all your friendships because you are so down-to-earth. You are responsible and disciplined, along with being determined. Grey and brown may not be the most exciting colors, but they do lay groundwork for stunning checks and plaids.

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Natasha Denona Palette #5 - Aquarius.jpg

Aquarius Jan 19 - Feb 18: Blue

Blue is deep and strong like the ocean, but can also be calm and beautiful. You're known for your energy, encouragement, and conversation. Aquarius is also referred to as the water-bearer since you're always willing to share the wealth of your knowledge and offer solutions.

STYLE TIP: Good ole fashioned blue jeans are your best friend.

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GAP Sage jacket - Pisces.jpg

Pisces Feb 18 - Mar 20: Pale Green

Pisces, you are compassionate, sensitive, and empathetic, so it's only fitting your best color is a pale, sage green. Sage is an ancient healer, and when mixed with water - or a water sign - it brings great renewal and security. Don't let your sensitivity get in the way of your artistic abilities this year!

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