How to Deal with the Pressures of Social Media

Photo Credit:   @photosbyseda

Photo Credit: @photosbyseda

By: Caroline Vazzana

There’s no denying that social media really does run the world we live in. As someone whose job revolves around social media, I’d have to say it’s a constant love/hate struggle. The love comes from the opportunity to share my creativity, and to have an outlet to connect with so many like-minded badass women. The hate part comes from the times I might not want to admit. Times when I may not be feeling good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, or even skinny enough. Being able to open your phone and instantly look at girls who look like they themselves are models, can really start to make you question yourself. So, with this all being said, as someone who spends about 90% of their life in the digital world, how do I deal with the pressures of social media? Read below for my tips and tricks to staying sane and dealing with it all. 

1. Post and That’s it

Sometimes I go through phases where I just go on Instagram to post and that's it. I don't scroll through, I don't watch stories-  I just hit share and close the app. Occasionally, I just need a break, and since I can't actually take a break and not post for a week or two, I just use it as a platform to share. Or, if I do want to look around, I will only go to profiles that inspire me. Having several badass woman who, even if they themselves don't know it, lift you up just by looking at their content, that makes a big difference. 

2. It’s ok to Cry 

I repeat, IT IS OK TO CRY. I feel like I tell people this often because there's this weird stigma that you can't just cry sometimes. We don't all have time or money for therapy, am I right? So letting it all out from time to time is totally ok. But, with that being said, cry and then move on. Don't harp on one negative thing for too long. 

3. No one is you, and that is your super power

I feel like this one explains itself but, be you! Yes, you might feel pressure from social media, but don't let that stop or change who you are. Also, don't ever copy what someone else is doing. Yes, it might be working for them, but, we are all different. Find what makes you, you and run with that. If you're being your most authentic self that will shine through! 

4. Talk about your feelings with friends

Surround yourself with a really good group of women and express how you may be feeling. Chances are they are probably feeling the same way, even if they haven't said so. One time, I was talking to one of my good friends who is a blogger. She is absolutely gorgeous, like so pretty it's just not fair. But, one night I was talking with her and she even expressed to me the pressure of not looking good enough, and while my jaw literally hit the floor that she would feel this way, it made me realize- you are not alone. Remember that! 

5. Take a break

And when all else fails, unplug! Yes, it is okay to unplug from time to time. Sometimes I find it really important to just live in the moment. Personally, if I'm at an event that I know is going to be a lot of fun, I make it a point to get my content as soon as I get there so I can fully enjoy the event the rest of the time. I've found it really does help!


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