How to *Literally* Freeze Your Butt Off

Photo Credit:   Harper's Bazaar

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

By: Caroline Vazzana

We're all familiar with the saying "treat yo self," and while some people just think of it as a three word phrase, we see it as a lifestyle. As busy women who are always on the go, finding time to do something just for you or something to make you look and feel better is so important. But, who really has time to dedicate several hours out of their week to do so? Recently, I discovered NKD NYC a luxury wellness center located at Midtown Manhattan. And for someone like me, who organizes their schedule everyday by the hour, I found my one hour visit incredibly relaxing and just what I needed to help me through my busy week. 

Below some of the treatments I've tried and loved, and I know you will too: 


Many people have heard of or at least know of cryotherapy. In a three minute session you're put in a -300 to -320 degree chamber. What are the results or cryotherapy? It boosts your collagen, increases your metabolism, reduces inflammation, and speeds up muscle recovery! Plus, it makes you feel energetic and refreshed all day long. Going into it the first time I'm not gong to lie, I was pretty nervous. The hovering question, "would I last all three minutes?" continuously raced through my mind. At NKD though, their staff is so kind and puts their usuers first. I worked with Erin specifically and she talked me through the whole thing and let me blast Cardi B to get my mind off the cold.  

Cryotherapy Facials

Similar to the benefits of the full body cryotherapy, the cryo facial reduces fine lines and increases collagen production. A must for every woman! Plus, there's no down time afterward. 

Light Therapy

After getting cold in the cryotherapy chamber I jumped into their Infrared LED Light Therapy Bed, where I honestly almost fell asleep...yes, it was that relaxing. This bed is filled with little lights that are calming and soothing which helps promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. On top of this it also soothes your muscles and helps with anti-aging, what could be better than that? 

IV Vitamin Therapy

This was my very first time doing a vitamin drip, and I absolutely loved it. At NKD they offer so many different drips- some for energy, some for anti-aging, and some for for stress, just to name a few. And you can also get one completely customized to you!

So, with all this being said, are you ready to get NKD? 


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